Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai awarded an Honorary Professorship by the South West State University, Russia

Founder and Group CEO of Monspace Multinational Corp Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai has been awarded an Honorary Professorship in Diplomacy and International Relationship by the South West State University, Russia. The title was given in honor of Lai’s contribution based on three principles: concern for humanities, maintaining the spirit of innovation, and always adopting a global perspective.

South West State University was founded in 1964, and has constantly innovated in accordance to society’s ever changing needs. Today, it is one of the best and most modern institutions in Kursk, especially in the fields of research and education. The university has been actively participating in international activities, and enjoys close collaborations with more than 70 institutions from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas. Scientific breakthroughs by this university in robotics, information technology, and machinery are being used by aviation industries in and out of Russia.

As Dato Sri Jessy Lai arrives at the Kursk airport, representatives from the Southwest State University gave her a warm welcoming. Besides receiving the award, Jessy has also visited the Robotics and Innovation Centre of the university to learn about their latest scientific breakthroughs. Lastly, Lai will be shown an exhibition of the university’s work in arts and culture, and attending dinner with the university’s leaders.

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