Free Training to Reveal 3 Proven Steps to Cut Taxes by $100K or more in one (1) Year

Many people have similar goals and desires which are to – work less, earn more money and to reduce their taxes. Experts now reveal just how easy it is to achieve these goals.  Passive Income Advisors has packaged the methods which were developed over the past decade into an easy to follow process to allow mainstream America to achieve these goals.  One of the first steps is to reduce one’s taxes.  For many, this may be your largest expense and may even increase if you are a high-income earner after the implementation of Tax Reform. Thus, this free training will show anyone just how to Eliminate their Tax liability by $100K or more in one year using three simple steps.

The free online training will be held on Tuesday, December 19, 2017 at 2:00 PM EST (11:00 AM PST), and will accommodate only 250 participants. The training will reveal, among other things, how to accurately estimate one’s total income, arrive at an estimated potential tax liability, and implement passive income generators (PIGs) to eliminate one’s tax liability.

Hosted by Gena Lofton of Passive Income Advisors, the free training is best suited for high income wage earners residing in High Income Tax States. Gena is also the creator of the Accredited2Accredited show, which is an online web based show for Accredited Investors.  The show features other accredited investors whom are experts in multiple asset classes/disciplines, thus is a peer-to-peer show to aid investors build and retain more wealth.

“I had no idea that I could reduce my taxes by utilizing the tax code. In the past, my CPA’s had advised me just to make less money or buy a larger house. Now, I have found ways to not only reduce my taxes, but to also replace my high taxable income with tax efficient passive income, says a recent customer.

Gena, is an active investor across all asset classes, including real estate, oil and gas, media and entertainment, natural resources, mining, and cryptocurrencies.  As an author and speaker, she contributes to global industry conferences on investment related topics.   Gena is the author of the popular book, ‘Escape the Madness – The 10 Steps to Get Out of the Rat Race’, which lays out ten simple steps to achieve financial freedom by having one’s passive income exceed their expenses, so they no longer need a J.O.B.  Additionally, Gena was instrumental in growing DIRECTV until the sale to ATT in 2015 after leaving a successful career with Ernst & Young.

The free training is open for registration.  It is advised to register quickly as there are very limited spots remaining and will be given at a first come first serve basis.   You can register via the link below:

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