Poultry and Fish Processing Machines, Food Processing Automation Now Available at Food Pro Industries

Singapore – Poultry processing and fish processing can now be automated using industrial automation machines that are now distributed by Food Pro Industries PTE. LTD. The company focuses on providing customers with the latest technology in food automation processing. Companies that engage in food processing, restaurants, catering, and large-scale food processing and manufacturing factories can benefit from using the aforementioned machines.

“At Food Pro Industries, we pride ourselves as your food processing automation partners. Technology is ever changing and you need more than a food automation solution provider or a food processing equipment distributor. Food Pro believes our value add is in our ability to source for the right food processing equipment for your business’ needs and also serves as your “eye” on the fast-changing food processing technology space. With a focus on fish, poultry and meat processing, Food Pro works with only the best food automation engineering companies to offer our clients the latest technologies, at the most value for money investment, to help them build a competitive advantage. Our aim is to ensure, through the most effective automation, our clients depend on us as a food processing technology partner to lower their operation costs and manpower dependency,” declares the company on its homepage.

Using the latest technology in food processing, the machines distributed by Food Pro Industries PTE LTD. will make work faster with the least number of workers. The foods processed by these machines are guaranteed to be clean and hygienic to keep the customers safe and satisfied. The fish processing machine does the de-scaling, skinning, fin and tail cutting, and pin bone removal of all kinds of fish. The poultry processing machines are capable of skinning chicken or turkey, de-boning chicken, de-boning turkey, de-boning mid-wing chicken, and spare-rib cutting.

Food Pro Industries PTE. LTD. serves a lot of countries including Bahrain, Jordan, Hong Kong, Brunei, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Oman, Singapore, Philippines, Pakistan, South Korea, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. The company is confident that the demand for its food processing automation machines will continue to rise as the demand for processed food products goes up. Added to this is the fact that the global population is rapidly increasing.

To the Food Pro Industries PTE. LTD., the bigger the population, the more mouths to feed, and the more these machines will be needed. For companies and individuals who want to know more about the products sold by the company, additional information is available at its website at https://foodproindustries.com. They can also be contacted by phone at 63646515 or by email at enquiry@foodproindustries.com. The company is located at 19 Woodlands Industrial Park E1. #03-05. Singapore 757719.

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