Keep costs down by hiring the UK\’s popular packaging company, Cannon Packaging and Logistics

Shipping products to various locations requires proper packing procedures. It does not matter where the products are to be sent, either to warehouses, dealers, and retailers or overseas. The products have to be carefully packed, with all the parts and attachments as well as all required product information.

UNITED KINGDOM – 21 DECEMBER, 2017 – Cannon Packaging and Logistics has been in the business since the 1900s, meaning they understand what the requirements are when it comes to packaging products for shipment and delivery.

Moreover, the packers must see to it that they meet the packing requirements in order for the products, especially fragile ones, reach their destination intact and free from damage. With Cannon Packaging and Logistics, customers not only reduce packing costs. It also provides them with extra storage space and workforce.

Hiring a packaging company to prepare products for promotional and seasonal shipments helps reduce customers’ overhead spending. Outsourcing some of a customer’s business processes saves time and money yet provides customers with efficiency and increased productivity. Working with Cannon Packaging and Logistics allows customers to retain control of their business while leaving professionals to take care of their orders and delivery.

Cannon Packaging and Logistics provides customers much-needed staff when orders for products increase. The company provides the space to store products for customers, who just call the company with the number of products they want packed, how they are supposed to be packed, and where to send them. Outsourcing packing requirements to a packaging company allows the customers to pay only for the products they need and when they need them. Moreover they pay only for the space used by their products while in storage.

Product inventory is not a problem either. Cannon Packaging and Logistics has a customer management system to enable customers to check their inventory. Moreover, it will provide an inventory report so customers can cross check to see if the inventory is accurate and give notice to the company when there are problems. 

Cannon, as a packaging company, has amassed a wealth of experience and information on how to keep customers satisfied by meeting their demands swiftly and efficiently. Through the years the company has diversified its services due to the need for different methods of packing products. Today, Cannon offers warehousing, picking, packing and fulfillment, as well as personalised labelling.

Cannon has a fulltime workforce of 125, a 9000-square metre warehouse, 10,000 mezzanine locations and 15,000 mixed pallet locations. It can handle the packaging of 15,000 units each day. It offers machine and hand-packaging methods, to cater to customers’ different needs.

There is no guesswork when it comes to pricing because Cannon Packaging and Logistics assures their customers of transparent pricing, offering competitive prices for all its services.

About the company:

Cannon Packaging and Logistics is a leading packaging company in the UK. It offers flexible and scalable packaging services for a variety of customers. To learn more about packaging and logistics, visit its website. 

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