Latest collection of shower wall panels at JT Spas easier to install and maintain

Shower wall panels are more popular than ever, and for many good reasons. They’re versatile, affordable, and now, are even easier to install and maintain. At JT Spas, customers choose from a whole selection of shower wall panels with different features and designs.

JT Spas knows all about the modern bathroom – and how the modern consumer wants bathrooms that offer both practicality and comfort. Since JT Spas has been a long-time bathroom product supplier, it knows full well what the latest trends and offers are, especially when it comes to high quality products from premier manufacturers.

One product which has become increasingly popular in recent years is the shower wall panel. The shower wall panel is comprised of easy to install paneling for bathroom walls and shower walls, and it comes in a wide range of designs and sizes as well. As JT Spas explains in more detail, “Bathroom wall panels (are) manufactured from PVC and (come) with a range of stylish decors; the shower boards & shower wall panels are non-porous, hygienic and easy to clean, ideal for both wet and dry areas. All our bathroom wall panels are tongue and groove, making the bathroom panels so easy to install.”

Easy installation is one of the main reasons why more customers are opting for shower or bathroom wall panels made from PVC. And since JT Spas’ selection of shower wall panels is all with a tongue and groove design, they are much easier to install than ordinary shower or bathroom wall panels. JT Spas adds, “PVC panel shower wall boards are fully waterproof and easy to maintain and are the perfect alternative to bathroom tiles; you will thankfully never have to clean tile grout again. PVC shower wall panels are also…mould free, providing an easy to clean bathroom for you to love and enjoy every day.”

Customers have various choices in regards to shower or bathroom wall panel designs, and this includes the Elite Beige Sparkle shower wall panel, the Black Sparkle wall panel, the White Sparkle wall panel, the Beige Marble or Grey Marble wall panel, the Travertine Sand Marble wall panel, the Plastivan Venetian Marble wall panel, the Swish Marbrex Anthracite Standard Tile Effect wall panel, and a lot more.   The panels also range in size from W250mm by H270mm to W250mm by H2600mm and W375mm by H2600mm, and more.

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