Florida Certified Window Installer Association (FCWIA) Certifies Storm Guard Boca Raton

Consumers searching for Florida’s most reputable window installers will now find Storm Guard Boca Raton approved by the FCWIA

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA – DECEMBER 21, 2017 – The Florida Certified Window Installer Association (FCWIA) recently certified Storm Guard Boca Raton. 

Storm Guard Boca Raton is now among the few Florida window installers who have undergone the requirements necessary to be recommended as a FCWIA certified company. Consumers use FCWIA.org to find highly qualified and professional window installer companies. The FCWIA recommends that all consumers search for a window installer’s FCWIA certification before doing business with them to insure that their customer information is secure and that the company they have chosen adheres to the strict standards of the FCWIA. 

The FCWIA is committed to protecting consumers from unverified businesses 24/7. Never trust a company that does not display the FCWIA “Trusted” seal on their website.

“With almost a billion websites online, it is hard for clients to know who they can trust,” said the team at FCWIA. “As a member of FCWIA, you can proudly display our ‘Trusted Seal’ on your website to assure clients you are a trusted and certified window installer.”

FCWIA is proud to announce Storm Guard Boca Raton’s certification. The full certification report can be found at http://www.fcwia.org/Storm_Guard_Boca_Raton_ImpactWindowBocaRaton.com

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The Florida Certified Window Installer Association (FCWIA) is Florida’s premier window installer certification organization, working to ensure that Florida window installers are properly licensed and maintaining industry standards. 

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