1-800-Foundation helping the Houston and Dallas, Texas residents rebuilding after the devastation of the Hurricane Harvey

December 21st, 2017 – Following the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey residents of Houston and Dallas are trying to rebuild their homes. With the cost of repairs and rebuilding escalating, 1-800-Foundation, the leading foundation and repair solutions in Houston Texas is helping the residents through providing them with free information and estimates. According to the 1-800-Foundation spokesperson, the company is providing valuable information as well as free estimates to anyone in need of home repairs, elevation and foundation repairs.

The spokesperson added that the company is committed to seeing people back on their feet again after a disaster that caused so much devastation, with most houses being destroyed to a state where they need major repairs. “We want to help the residents back on their feet, that is why we are saving them the cost on consultation and estimates,” said the spokes person while adding that the free quote does not oblige the home owner to the 1-800-Foundation repair solution. “We are giving a no obligation quote but definitely customers will learn that we offer high quality services at very competitive prices,” said the spokesperson.

1-800 Foundation is a leader in repair solutions in Houston Texas. The company carries out residential and commercial repairs for Houston residents as well as surrounding areas.  1-800 Foundation aims at helping the Houston residents get repair works that go a long way in saving their time and money as well as helping them maintains their homes and business premises. The company reliability and cost effectiveness has endeared it with the residents in Houston and surrounding areas. 1-800 Foundation offers foundation repairs, a common problem in a hot climate area such as Houston or Dallas.

1-800-Foundation specialists will inspect the house as well as the surrounding property to ascertain the damage and stress. Upon inspecting the property the specialists will provide the home owner with valuable information that will guide the whole process. According to the company representative the estimates by 1-800-Foundation are fair and competitive. “Although the cost of repairs will vary, generally 1-800-Foundation charges fairly and we are the most competitive repair solutions provider in the region,” said the representative.

1-800-Foundation has a long history of building inspection, repair and restoration. “We are committed to helping you back to your feet, call us today and we will help you with free information and a no obligation quote,” said the company spokesperson.

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