Art Xtedia, the best site for creatives to guest blog is a popular blog-magazine that features a wide range of creative content and allows you to publish in a fast and easy manner. The great thing about Art Xtedia is that they connect people from across the globe when subscribed. It’s basically a platform, for anyone working in the creative fields such as interior designers, make-up artists, painters, art curators etc. It has garnered attention from many popular media houses such as Buzzfeed, WN, and Medium.The website allows for direct links and promotional material within hyperlinks and profile helping gain traffic back to the author’s site. also owns the AX Lifestyle an eCommerce store for your home and lifestyle shopping. It has a variety of great collections from home to art supplies that are loved by many. Their prices are always bundled in great discounts with lots of giveaways and free shipping. Artists and homemakers often get the best deals with this brand because they understand savvy shoppers.

The Gallery section at features beautiful artworks by the artist, blogger and founder of Art Xtedia, Julie Rekha and her guest artists such as Tanja Louise, Rachel Keem, and Neil Sweeny among others. New artists can get their paintings/artwork published on the gallery through the ‘Submit Art’ button. They have art showcased by talents from US, Australia, Netherlands and even India.

Publishing a post on is simple where the first step is to register through their special landing page. After the registration, an email confirmation will be sent along with an immediate content instruction. There is also an option of hiring their services to do the professional content writing and the choice of designing a great blog cover. Advertising the cover on their front magazine is also another great way to boost your brand.A free method to get advertising placements is to also submit five or more blogs. More details can be found when you register as a contributor and guest blogger.

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