“Earthwool insulation batts are popular in Australia, and the R1.5 wall batts are becoming even more popular.”
The longstanding popularity of Earthwool has typically been attributed to the low itch and soft feel element, not least from installers who work with insulation batts every single day. Insulation installers don’t ‘miss the itch’ associated with many types of glasswool, and the high compression factor means there are fewer bags to lug around the building site and load up into tight ceiling spaces.

If installers have had a gripe with Earthwool in the past, it’s been with regards to the R1.5’s wall batts. While performing as well as any other brand of the same R-Value, the 75mm thick R1.5 batts have tended to be a bit on the floppy side, something which doesn’t make them easier to install vertically in the wall cavities. The last thing installers want is having to go around refitting insulation batts that have fallen down before they can move onto the next job.

Good news for Earthwool installers

Although it has taken some time, it appears Knauf has now managed to resolve this issue at the manufacturing end and the R1.5 batts are now much firmer than before. Paul van Oord, managing director of Pricewise Insulation, is pleased. “It has been the best thing for our installers. A lot of them insulate several houses every day and now they can finish even more quickly and don’t have to deal with the frustration of sagging insulation batts.” Sagging batts are a problem especially where the spacing between the timber framing is inconsistent, in particular where the gap between the wall studs is slightly too wide.

Knauf can expect increased demand for Earthwool insulation batts

Earthwool batts have always been in high demand due to their low itch, soft feel and ease of handling. These further improvemnets to the R1.5 range. This is good news for Knauf; after all, a significant portion of new homes in Australia’s major capital cities are insulated with R1.5 batts in the walls. 

This is certainly a better outcome for everyone, not only professional installers. DIY home renovators will be also able to appreciate working with high quality insulation batts that are easily installed with comfortable handling. Knauf Earthwool is not without market competition in Australia. Other manufacturers have also redoubled their efforts in producing softer and more pleasant to touch glasswool insulation.

About Pricewise Insulation:

Pricewise Insulation is one of Australia’s largest online retailers of insulation batts and related products. With warehouses in Melbourne and Sydney, and a vast network of partner suppliers and manufacturers, their popular brands include Knauf Earthwool, Fletcher Pink Batts, Autex Greenstuf, Kingspan, and Bradford Gold Batts.

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