Marcio Andrade – the netpreneur creating financially free people across the globe

Entrepreneur, designer, and adventurer, Marcio Andrade is helping to develop financially free and stable individuals and businesses across the globe by sharing his energy and talents

Marcio Andrade has distinguished himself over the years with his creative mind and ingenuity, creating, operating, and developing several brands from a relatively low beginning and making them a force to reckon with in their respective industries. The entrepreneur and director of several businesses in the financial services industry has also extended his hands to the world by sharing his energy and talents with individuals and entrepreneurs that want to grow their business and become a success in the 21st century.

Becoming an entrepreneur has never been this easy and difficult depending on which side of the coin a business owner is on. However, with every successful business is an entrepreneur and risk taker under the mentorship of a successful business owner. It is not surprising that over 50 percent of businesses fail in their first year of operations, with another 25 percent failing to make it past the first five years. One of the major factors attributed to this unfortunate statistic is inadequate knowledge and zeal, which can be traced to the lack of the right mentorship. This is where Marcio Andrade and other such entrepreneurs have successfully built their businesses from scratch and have consequently mentored other aspiring entrepreneurs to success.

With a Bachelors in Finance degree from the University of Florida and another from the London School of Economics, the Brazilian businessman has been in the industry for over a decade, pioneering several innovations. His knowledge and ingenuity have helped to build successful businesses, one of which is 99th Floor LLC. Other successful ventures operated by the bodybuilding, Muay-Thai, and hang gliding enthusiast including a suite of websites that help people obtain unsecured funding and their improve credit, a suite of websites offering corporate business services, and several other B2B sites.

Marcio Andrade is taking a step further by using his skills and knowledge to mentor and help other entrepreneurs in building the life they have always dreamt of without making avoidable mistakes or feeling overwhelmed during the process.

Marcio has demonstrated the ability and willingness to help others create the business they love so they can do what they like, when they like, and where they like. Consequently, Marcio helps to create financially free and stable business owners, regardless of the current state of their business.

Marcio is an entrepreneur, designer, adventurer, business builder, globalist, and mentor. He has been described by many as the ultimate business mentor. In his words, “Everyone dreams. Some dream and talk about it. I dream, and I do it. …That’s the difference.”

One of his favorite quotes, which is also his motto is “Design your life—it won’t design itself.”

Marcio Andrade has stood out as the business mentor with a difference, thanks to his ingenuity, creativity, and openness.

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Company Name: MAIT Management, Inc.
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Phone: +1 203-989-0965
Address:261 S. Main Street, #335
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