Peter Van Minnen announces the launch of “The Fate Book 1: The Emperor’s Tomb”

Author, Peter Van Minnen, announces the official release of the first of The Fate Book series, “The Fate Book 1: The Emperor’s Tomb”

“The Fate Book 1: The Emperor’s Tomb” is the first book in the Fate Book series, written for lovers of adventure and fantasy. It is to be launched on December 7, 2017, with the other books in the series scheduled to be released in the forthcoming year.

If you like fantasy this is certainly the book for you!

Join the intrepid and eccentric explorers Professors Clarence and Wadji, who will take you on a nail-biting journey through a number of ancient sacred sites around the world, using the mysterious Fate Book to guide them. They are joined by Professor Clarence’s niece and nephew Jess and Josh, who has intuitive abilities to rival the Fate Book’s.

The Fate Book will take you on a roller coaster ride, from Egypt to Peru, then on to Guatemala and the Himalayas and finally to the Emperor’s tomb in China, where the professors face one of their most perilous challenges ever!

While the book might look spontaneous, Peter Van Minnen reportedly put in a lot of effort into researching these ancient sites, coming up with intriguing stories about them. Here’s what he has to say:

“When I began work on this series, I had no idea where I would end up. The idea was simply to write an enjoyable adventure yarn, blending fact with fiction; an easy read, something suitable for the young at heart. At that stage, it was not specifically aimed at the young adult reader, nor is it now.

As the characters took form in what is now called The Fate Book series, they took the lead in the development of the storyline. New characters just arrived on the pages as if by magic and insisted on being heard, and the story then became not one story, nor one book, but a series of stories and a series of books, all with a mysterious underlying thread.

And the characters?

First off, the leads; Professors Clarence Kalikaloos and WadjiWadjiwadj, at once archaeologists and fearless explorers, are joined by teenage siblings Josh and Jess. They are extraordinary kids, with a hunger for adventure. And young Josh has an acutely developed intuition, an acute sense of simply knowing things in his heart, a kind of ‘soul-nav‘ to guide him, whilst the professors use logic and deduction, not to mention highly developed tracking skills on their quests. Then there is Mrs Stevenson, who is not what she seems, a master baker who fraternises with fairies in her garden. She might be disabled, but she is formidable and has a psychic gift. There is the Mayan man of the rainforests, Quortaletzl, a gentle giant more at home in the jungle than in the city, who has a romantic interest in Mara, the mother of Josh and Jess. And the terrifying Mrs Kofi, a woman spurned and seeking vengeance…and did I mention the shapeshifting Djinn? Or the feisty Rowena Shardsworth? And there are many more…

Driven by these eccentric characters, things took shape and gathered momentum. A mysterious interactive artefact called The Fate Book, animated by an ancient sentience, became the centrepiece. This book advises, guides and directs, as any good book should!

Though it seems to be a spontaneous creation, a great deal of research has gone into the writing of it. Sacred sites all over the world come in and out of focus. Fact blends with fiction. There is danger at every turn, and the reader might well be left breathless.

The Fate Book is a unique creation, with a crazy sense of humour, and I have absolutely loved every minute of bringing it into the world! Though it seems to be a spontaneous creation, a great deal of research has gone into the writing of it.”

The book has already started receiving accolades from several quarters.

The magic starts from page 1!
This really is fantastic story telling. Lots of interesting characters all intertwined in some way or other. I especially love the way the author brings his humour into each character. You become immersed in the story very quickly. Am always on the lookout for new authors. Looking forward to more books from Peter,” says Mr. K. S. Mall.

Peter Van Minnen is currently working on the sequels to the book, as ‘The Fate Book 2: The Tiger’s Nest’ will soon be published and the third book, “The Fate Book 3: The Secret Archives’ is already in the pipeline.

About Peter Van Minnen

Author Peter Van Minnen currently lives in Surrey in the UK.

A self-confessed Renaissance man, he has lived a very full life, having been by turns an architect, professional actor, exhibiting artist and author.

After a dual career as an architect/actor in South Africa, Peter was drawn to healing and re-trained in the early 90s as a complementary practitioner.

He then moved to the U.K. to set up practice as a Body Stress Release practitioner and sometime Horse Whisperer. In 2009, through, he published Horses Have Wings, a book about his ongoing healing work with horses since 1996.

He has also held several successful exhibitions of his oil colours over the last 15 years.

Writing has always been his abiding passion, and in addition to The Fate Book series, Peter is writing a ‘very modern love story’ which he hopes to publish some time next year…

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