“Freight Quote have in recent years cemented their place as a reputable freight broker, assisting customers from all walks of life with their freight needs.”
Freight Quote Australia has announced it will commence offering global freight solutions from as early as February next year. This new service is a significant step for a freight brokering company whose focus up until today has been on transporting bulky goods by road on Australia’s mainland.

Matthew Roberts is responsible for Freight Quote’s operations. We asked him a few questions about Freight Quote Australia, and their expansion into global freight.

What has been your “core service offering” up until today?

You’d have to sum it up as transporting large and heavy items by road, within Australia. As we’ve long stated on our website, we can move anything from an envelope to a 40 foot shipping container – but our main service offering has been bulky items and palletised goods. (We do also move shipping containers.)

Who are your customers? Are they business people or individuals moving personal belongings?

Well both actually. We’ve always been very focussed on the individual and the end user. These people often have limited understanding of how freight works, they’ve got some large boxes, crates or something else which needs to go from A to B, and they don’t know how to do it or the best place to start. We get lots of enquiries from customers like that and we do whatever we can to advise them of their options. But obviously there are a huge amount of businesses who ship goods all over the country on a daily basis, and a lot of our work comes from businesses who know what they want and need, and are just shopping around for the best service and the best price.

Does Freight Quote take any job for anyone?

Definately not. We have extensive experience arranging transportation for consignments of practically all shapes, weights and sizes. Specifically we don’t transport goods which we know will get damaged in transit due to improper packaging. In cases like that, our customer service staff will simply advise the customer of how the items need to be packaged, and request that they get back in touch once this has been sorted. Also, we generally don’t transport consignments classed as ‘Dangerous Goods’, though we are not ruling out offering this service in the future.

Why is Freight Quote expanding into the global freight market?

Because our customers need this service. The fact is, freight is a global economy. We have established partnerships with some of Australia’s largest transport companies, and are able to move almost anything, practically anywhere in the world. So instead of our customers needing to deal with two or more separate companies to get their consignment transported, they can simply pack and send it all with Freight Quote – making the whole process just that much easier.

And finally: how do you want your customers to view your company?

We want them to view us for what we are – as the one stop shop for any business or individual needing bulky items transported  – anywhere in the world!

About Freight Quote Australia

Freight Quote are specialists in transporting pallet freight and other bulky goods by road and rail in Australia, and has announced that they will soon be offering international freight solutions to all their customers.

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