TrueMedicines Launches World’s First AI Product Comparison Engine for Medical Cannabis and Nutraceuticals

TrueMedicines, an artificial intelligence company that uses deep learning and natural language processing to create the world’s largest, evidence-based dataset for nutraceuticals and has now released an innovative and first-of-its-kind product comparison engine for medical cannabis.

The TrueMedicines Explorer easily integrates into websites and mobile applications. It is offered on a subscription basis (SaaS) and offers three different levels: TrueFinder (top 10 products and comparables), TrueNavigator (phenotype profiles), TrueFormulator (cannabinoid and terpene profiles).

Each version provides increasing levels of product detail, including cannabinoids, terpenes, phenotypes, parentage, side effects and aggregated review data. This medical cannabis comparison engine is the first of its kind and brings a new level of content and interactivity to product websites, dispensaries and community sites. It increases customer engagement with product brands and delivers information that drives purchasing decisions.

“The TrueMedicines product comparison engine provides consumers with easy, interactive answers to their cannabis questions. Based on new and constantly updated cutting-edge research from a dynamic industry, we deliver a level of scientific rigor that the industry sorely needs,” says Seth Kutty, CEO of TrueMedicines.

Because there is a lack of publicly available certified or clinical data, consumers are forced to experiment with cannabis. Data science is the disruptor that will give back control to the consumer. TrueMedicines is using data science and AI to provide a scientific approach to the healing properties of cannabis. Read their scientific publication for Data Science and Medical Cannabis at

TrueMedicines also offers a voice-enabled robo-advisor, Angelica, that provides personalized plant-based remedies for various conditions. The company’s mission is to use evidence based data to discover nutraceuticals for various medical conditions and find the ideal product profile with the most efficacy and least side effects for conditions such as chronic pain and arthritis. TrueMedicines aims to remove the guesswork involved in finding the right plant-based remedy for a given medical condition and will be releasing a recommendation engine for nutraceuticals.

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