Mathematical Genius Dr. Baruch Berliner Publishes a New Poetry Book of Sharp Humor

For decades, Dr. Berliner has been a leading authority in the field of actuary sciences. When he left this field, he decided to compose musical symphonies, and gained international acclaim. Now, back from a world tour, he is publishing a book of poetry.

Dr. Baruch Berliner is considered as one of the key figures in Actuary sciences. His book ‘Limits of the Insurability of risk,’ first published in 1982, is still considered a classic and studied in universities worldwide.  

Now Dr. Berliner is publishing a new book. This time it is a book of of humoristic poems in his native tongue – German. The book’s title “Humor a la shmirgelpapier” (Sandpaper Humor) is indicative of Berliner’s style: keen, razor-sharp humor written by a perceptive observer of human nature. The book provides a unique glimpse into the workings of an extraordinary mind.

Poetry is one of Dr. Berliner’s three forms of artistic expression: “My life moves in a triangle between mathematics, music and poetry,” he says, “there are many parallels between the three fields. All three require generating ideas and finding simple and elegant ways of expressing them.”

Indeed, musical expression is yet another of Berliner’s talents. Upon leaving the world of actuary science, without formal musical education, he set upon composing a seven-part musical symphony for orchestra to narrate the story of Genesis through music. Astonishingly, the symphony, entitled ‘Genesis’ was a huge success. It has been performed by orchestras around the world, including by Ukraine’s national orchestra, Bulgaria’s national orchestra, Poland’s national orchestra and many more.

Now, at age 74, Dr. Berliner is hardly lowering the bar. He is now working on a new book of romantic poems, this time in Hebrew, as well as on a new musical symphony based on biblical stories. On the 25th of January, a sympho-rock version of ‘Genesis’ will be performed in Kishinev, Moldova. It will bring together the national symphony orchestra of Moldova, a local rock band, video art and ballet solo performers.       

Dr. Berliner’s book “Humor a la shmirgelpapier”  is now available for purchase on amazon.

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