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In the few years since the beginning of glycomics in 21th century, many achievements have been made in the study of glycomics, especially in the discovery of sugar genes and the elucidation of the new structure of sugar chain. Although glycomics research has made remarkable achievements in these fields, there are many unknown intermediate links between sugar genes and sugar chains, sugar chains and glycan binding proteins, and there is a general lack of detailed research on the relationship between structure and function.

These fields are not only related to the progress of glycomics itself, but also directly related to the progress of proteome planning, so it has become a major bottleneck in the development of life science.

The advancement of analytical techniques has always been a direct driving force in the development of glycomics. It is the rapid development and wide application of modern instrument analysis technology that lead to the overall prosperity of glycomics research, and inject new vitality into the development of many disciplines.

Glycomics service technology platform mainly relates to the following key technologies and methods:

Sugar gene chip technology

It is used to study the expression of disease-related carbohydrate gene and regulate the synthesis of sugar chain.

Lectin chip technology

It studies the change of glycoprotein sugar chain spectrum.

Lectin histochemical technology

Separation and purification technology of glycoprotein / glycopeptides

N-glycan linkage analysis Method

O-glycan linkage analysis Method

Carbohydrate chip technology

It studies glycan-binding proteins that interact with sugar chains, and filters glycan-binding proteins that express differences.

Separation and purification technology of glycan binding protein

Glycan binding protein gene chip technology

It is used for detecting the expression change of glycan binding protein gene, and analyzing the relationship between sugar chain molecule change.

Statistical analysis of glycomics

Bioinformatics techniques used in the study of glycomics

Establishment of glycomics database

Creative Proteomics, an integrated CRO company focusing on molecular biology, biochemistry, systems biology, organic chemistry, etc., provides various glycomics services, including glycopeptides analysis, poysaccharide analysis, N-glycosylation site occupation analysis and most of above mentioned.

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