PubHTML5 Can Help Users Convert PDF to Flipbook in Minutes

PubHTML5 provides users around the world an enormous opportunity to enrich their documents.

In this digital age, online content publishers wish to maximize the opportunities they have to engage as many readers as possible. For many years, the Portable Document Format, widely known as PDF, has been a very useful tool for site visitors to view documents made available online. However, the birth of flipbook has resulted in a rising level of dissatisfaction with PDF, and PubHTML5 has decided to offer publishers just what they need for today’s audience – flipbooks.

No doubt, this is more of a challenge to content creators than it is to readers. Since readers are now developing liking for flipbook over the age-long PDF, every website owner out there wants to engage their audience in the best way possible, and many are embracing the now available software for converting PDF to flipbook. A very promising option among PDF to flipbook converters is the PubHTML5 that promises a free conversion for both online and offline publications.

Anna Lee, Chief Designer of PubHTML5 said in a statement, “We will continue to enhance this product every day to keep it at the highest standard of the obtainable technology of our world. PubHTML5 is a game changer of HTML5 flipbook publishing. We bring in tons of features to make it exceptional and ahead of the competition. We try to make both data and statistics readily available, thus helping our customers to further understand the audience they are dealing with and the best way to meet their needs. With the enormous amount of information that our PDF to flipbook software offers, we provide publishers the easiest way to promote their brand or message”.

PubHTML5 addresses all the limitations of the PDF including poor navigation, lengthy documents, time consuming scrolling, lack of analytics, while allowing users to add many enrichments to their documents. Documents can now have quick load times, animations and lead generation tools without the need for users to view documents with a different application as in the case of PDF. In addition, the PubHTML5 PDF to flipbook converter is compatible with desktop computer and mobile devices.

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PubHTML5 leads the industry of HTML5 digital publishing software solutions. The software enables publishers to convert any printed document into a unique digital publication which can be delivered through the web and mobile devices. 

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