Acer Air Monitor – the most comprehensive indoor air tracker for the family

IT giant, Acer, has announced the launch of its unique air quality, the Acer Air Quality Monitor, allowing users to effectively monitor indoor quality with 6 indicators

Acer Air Quality Monitor is another unique product from popular IT giant, Acer. The monitor is designed to help users monitor the quality of the air they breathe in a bid to ensure that the air quality is healthy for the body. This will also help in enhancing the overall wellbeing of users, as it helps users to quickly understand the situation of the air in a glance.

Studies have shown that an average human being spends about 80 percent of his or her everyday life indoors. It has also been revealed that poor indoor air quality is a leading cause and contributing factor to several medical conditions that include allergies, respiratory diseases, chronic diseases, and stroke amongst others. The rather sad statistics have made it imperative to ensure that the indoor air quality is right for healthy living. However, there is a need to assess the air quality to ascertain its healthiness and this has led to the development of the air quality monitor by Acer.

The easy to use monitor comes with responsive lighting, with 5 color LEDs that allow users to easily understand the quality of air from a quick glance. Using a wide variety of sensors, the monitor easily tracks six key air quality indicators – TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), carbon dioxide equivalence CO2 eq, PM2.5, PM10, temperature, and humidity. The LED-lighting indicators show six different air quality statuses corresponding to the international Air Quality Index (AQI) standard.

The portable device that comes with embedded battery that can be on work for up to 12 hours once it is fully charged. The device allows for real time air quality monitoring while providing historical data on the quality of the air.

The device also allows for Smart Home Integration with Amazon Echo device, allowing users to get more from the monitor. The integration with IFTTT supported air purifier ensures that users get more than just tracking and monitoring from the device. Connection with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi allows you to read the air quality locally or remotely.

The air monitor has been receiving accolades from users across the globe including: The Good Design Award (Japan) and the Taiwan Excellent Award. “The device works well so far. After turning on the dehumidifier, the humidity apparently reduced from 81% to 66% as you can see on my APP. Nice to check the fluctuation of each index and overall quality status directly from the app and the lights. Seems that this air monitor really monitors something precisely, which gives me faith to trust the accuracy of other indices,” says Robert Niles on Amazon.

The Air Monitor is currently available on Amazon and more information about the device can be found on the Acer Air Monitor Official Site.

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