Teenager organizes multi-media art show to support cancer victims

“Cancer Killers,” a cancer campaign founded by 17-year-old daughter of Mike Malbon, Kyla Malbon, organized a multi-media art show at the Seward Park High School on the 16th December 2017

“Cancer Killers” is a campaign founded by the daughter of Mike Malbon and the legendary Frank’s Chop Shop, Kyla Malbon, in a bid to provide support to kids fighting battles against cancer. Cancer Killers organized a media art show scheduled to take place on December 16th, 2017 in the Lower East Side, where the basketball courts of Seward Park High School were transformed into a gallery space. The event showcased over thirty artworks donated by New York based and internationally renowned artists.

Cancer is one the leading killers in the world, with statistics showing that more than 15 million people alive in the United States have had some type of cancer. This shows the severity of cancer and the need to tackle the scourge with utmost seriousness. In a bid to support victims of cancer, especially kids fighting with the diseases, Kyla founded the Cancer Killers campaign with the convergence holding on December 16 as one of the programs organized by the institute.

Kyla was recently diagnosed with Stage 2B Hodgkins Lymphoma. However, unlike many other cancer patients, the teenager has turned the trials of her life-changing diagnosis into opportunities for contribution and aspiration for herself as well as other kids fighting their battles via the ACCO as well as The New Design School.

Fighting through chemotherapy, and ultimately months of radiation, Kyla has been working tirelessly to reach her fund raising goal of $50,000. Her message to her community has been clear – she will beat her cancer. Consequently, the multimedia art show for the public to support her and other cancer patients fight and win the battle against cancer.

Kyla grew up at the family-owned Franks’s Chop Shop and has been an indispensable staple in its community since day one. Everyone in the community including locals, friends, patrons, neighborhood weirdos, athletes, and artists has watched her grow for the past 12 or 17 years. Kyla was the toast of the community, engaging customers and providing assistance in her own little way. Consequently, there was no Chop Shop without the charisma of Kyla and the Malbon family.

The news about Kyla’s diagnosis was saddening. However, when word got out her campaign to fight cancer, and the lofty $50,000 goal she has set, the global community rallied behind her in support. Solely off the strength of her connections and friendships, she has been able to raise over $30,000. For the final $20,000 stretch, she has engaged the public, with stars such as Futura, Retna, Phil Frost, Curtis Kulig, Alec Monopoly, Anthony Lister, Jose Parla, and Doze Green amongst dozens of others turning out for Kyla’s art show.

At the end of the show, all the arts are available at cancerkillers.net. More than just supporting the fight against cancer, the show was the culmination of love from the Lower East Side as well as all that the “lower” has touched, as a gesture of appreciation to all the backers that have taken the campaign this far: it was time to see it through.

While most people 17-year olds are afforded the opportunity to enter adulthood through graduations and proms, Kyla asked everyone to join her and the Chop Shop family in forging her very own rite of passage: celebrating resilience, love, triumph, and a fight to KILL CANCER!

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Company Name: Cancer Killers
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