[2017 Global Power Brand Award] Choyang DM “CheonGung” Dome type heater, giving relief by using natural lumber

Choyang DM Co., Ltd., the winner of the 2017 Global Power Brand Award (GPBA) and the award of “Yang Seung-Jo, the Chairman of the Health and Welfare Committee at the National Assembly, is specialized in producing medical heating devices.

The product named “CheonGung” is a personal thermal medical device that has a dome-shaped structure with heat sources installed, is designed to heat the body constantly. The user lays down inside the dome so that she could comfortably warm the whole body. The main parts are connected to the ground to prevent the leakage current from affecting the human body, and an installed double safety device prevents the loss of heat. The inner and outer parts of the “CheonGung” are made of wood, and in particular, the inside, which is frequently in contact with the human body, has stability by using natural wood such as retinispora and red cedar.

Chan-hui Kim, the CEO of the company said, “We will increase the number of branches nationwide to more than 200, and will actively target overseas markets.”

– Chosun Ilbo reporter: Jang Ji Hoon

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