Personality Type Awareness is Changing the Way People Interact & Do Business

“Tyler’s ENFJ shirt, also known as the ‘Conversation Starter'”
Why Embracing the Anti-Social LifeStyle Is a Bad Idea and How One Company is Fighting Back to Help Others Connect Live and In Person.

Dedicated to Helping You Break Outside of Yourself…

Santa Ana, CA – Today, Total Extrovert made the announcement that they have teamed up with new influencers in the Instagram and Youtube sector to help promote their newest line of clothing and accessories. This is an exciting new development as this collection is unlike anything else out there on the market.

These stylish tees and accessories actually have a much deeper meaning that founder of Total Extrovert, Tyler Meinecke is committed to. As a Licensed MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Practitioner he noticed a very distinct shift happening in society, that people have accepted and even started to embrace, which is a very anti social, programmed way of life free of human face to face socializing and interacting.

“Some may say society is more catered to extroverted types, and while I may agree to some extent, I do feel with all of the polarization and distrust making the headlines today, we are headed towards a very introverted society, not to mention the distractions from our technology as well.”

About Total Extrovert

Total Extrovert wants to be the change they wished to see in society to a certain extent and give a voice to those who don’t necessarily identify with this antisocial way of thinking. You won’t find any shirts reading, “Today was going fine, until: People” at this store.  

This company understands that attending mixers, networking events, meet ups, and random invitations to connect face to face with other people can oftentimes lead to the next big opportunity in your life. People who identify as ‘Extroverts’ and find that meeting others stimulates a part of their brain that nothing else quite can, that is undoubtedly this company’s target demographic.

“Look, what you wear and use is of course up to you. We’d just like to give you an option to show off that you encourage conversation and social interaction” Tyler goes on to share.

So, digging deeper, let’s learn more about this mission.

What is Total Extrovert All About in the words of Founder, Tyler Meinecke

“If you want to get anywhere in life, you need to make connections, build bridges, and progress. Our designs are all about that. I truly believe our designs promote positive interaction between people of all walks of life. If one of our shirts, mugs ,or another product works as a perfect icebreaker for you, I feel we completed our mission.” – Tyler, Owner, Total Extrovert

Maybe that person is someone you find interesting. Maybe attractive? The possibilities of where this could lead are endless and creating new opportunities for a deeper and richer human connection is really at the heart of what Total Extrovert it all about.

“There are so many people out there whose eyes light up when you even mention the word ‘extroverted’ and even more so, your personality type. Who knows what that initial conversation can lead to? It sure is a great start.”  Meinecke, a reported ENFJ, first noticed this when he struck up a conversation with someone just days after completing his MBTI certification course. “I was so excited to talk to others about their type and found a general excitement from others when doing so. It’s like the person I was talking with and myself were in a ‘cool kid’s club’ and having a conversation that was almost exclusive. People will want to ask you questions about your type, believe me.”

Just wearing this shirt around has been a magnet for those type of discussions, Tyler adds. “Best part about our designs is we keep them simple but alluring enough to grab someone’s attention. I love wearing mine as I never know what it could turn into.”

Total Extrovert is not solely focused however on Extroverts, in fact it is focused on helping you to get to the root of who you are and what you identify with whether that is “Introvert, Ambivert, or Extrovert” .

Total Extrovert encourages everyone to first, know what you identify and feel comfortable as because there isn’t one single personality-reporting instrument that works for everyone.

“I feel that knowing whether you’re an extrovert or introvert is the very first step to knowing yourself, however. Knowing that simple piece of information about your personality can open a lot of doors for you and really help you to be much more self-aware, which I believe our global society could use a great deal more of”. There are lots of people who have a great deal of knowledge of personality type instruments, whether it be the MBTI Personality Report Indicator, Personalysis, and so on. “I feel the MBTI has provided me with the clearest, baseline knowledge to personality type insight, Tyler adds.

We have created a series of important questions that you can ask yourself to see if you are a good fit for the Total Extrovert Family, whether that means pursuing our blog jam packed with nuggets of wisdom or purchasing some thought provoking and conversation starting clothing or accessories.

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any one of the questions below, we believe there’s a strong case for you to hop on board the Total Extrovert family:

  • Do you crave new conversation or have a strong desire to be a part of new social groups?
  • Is a part you longing to meet new locals, travelers, or potential friends in your area?
  • Are you new to the dating scene and unsure where you fit in?
  • Do you seek a deeper understanding as to how you relate to others and how you navigate relationships in the world?
  • Is it difficult to start a conversation (i.e. have trouble finding an ice breaker) but once you start talking the conversations flow easily?
  • Do you have a love and passion for all personality type reporting?
  • Find yourself strolling through new towns, cities and just hoping to strike up a conversation with anyone?
  • Do you find it a chore to create new relationships and friendships with other twenty or thirty somethings and want to figure out how to create new relationships with ease?

If you find yourself nodding “yes” to any of these questions we urge you to give us a shot and head on over to

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