Paddle Bounce Ballz receives great reviews from the users on Google Play

Paddle Bounce Ballz is the newly launched arcade game by Vevo games that has received great feedback from the users on Google Playstore. The app currently features a rating of 4.3 out of 5 and several good reviews from the users such as Thumper Mcgee who says, I love this game and the fact the balls always change colors. I love the +15 balls after you run out. This game is truly awesome!” while another user mentions, “I liked this game. Makes me an addict to play for several hours”.

Paddle Bounce ballz is a classic arcade puzzle game in which the player’s goal is to bounce back balls into a pocket. They can change the color of the Ballz by picking up bounties and follow the sequence and slither paddle by swiping the screen. The game features easy controls and allows the user to simply drag left or right to hit the balls so that they bounce off into the pocket. The user can also get extra points by switching the color balls. The goal is to bounce off as many balls as possible.

Paddle Bounce Ballz provides several upgrades and bounties that can help the user in surviving as long as possible in this addictive Balls game. The game comes with high-quality graphics and colorful interface as well as various skins. They can take a screenshot of the game to share with their friends and compare their scores with them.

It’s an easy to play yet challenging mobile game that can provide entertainment and fun anywhere and anytime. It tests the user’s quick reflexes and keeps them on the edge of their seat throughout the entire gameplay. If the user loses all their balls, they will still have the chance to use “Tap to Shoot” option and get some extra balls to survive in the game. The mission is to survive as much as possible by bouncing off the balls and picking up extra balls bounty. 

The users have the option to choose from various Paddle skins and balls skins from the shop menu to make the game, even more, fun and interesting. The skins can also be unlocked by picking gems and playing this game more and more. In the latest version of the game, the developers have fixed the paddle sensitivity and increased the speed. They have also added more missions and the collect gems features that would provide the players with extra points.

The users can play the game online at and it is available for free download at Google Play store.

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