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Nearly every year, a new smartphone can be expected from the world’s top competing producers like Android or iPhone. These products have come a long way in a brief time, allowing access to nearly anything in mere seconds of loading time. They are communication tools on an entirely different level and serve so many purposes that it is oft-challenging to find a person without one in hand or pressed to an ear. While this technology is ever more efficient in the materials for its bits and pieces, one thing has remained constant: How to protect it. Shiny metals and screens so clear they appear like water make for fantastic displays, but they have also become easier to bump or shatter. Sure, sturdier materials are being sourced all of the time, but nothing provides peace of mind like phone cases.

Phone cases range from decorative to rugged. Custom artwork is a favorite, but these are also usually featured on a simple shell case, and so are not known for the best phone covers regarding protection. Rugged cases are the best phone cases for ensuring safety from the elements, be it an accidental splat onto concrete or an unexpected swim, but carry the downside of being bulky. Lifeproof and Otterbox manufacturers are some of the more popular choices for sourcing a case, but many third-party suppliers try to meet the demand for protection for the newest phone. Without spending forever in the debate on research and reviews, how is the right style and the proper case to be found? tests and reviews the latest and best cases and covers for devices. Out of all the options out there, Spigen, Otterbox and Ringke make up their top three choices. Spigen offers a wide range of style of cases to fit most any need, from thin shells to dual layer protection. They say that Otterbox, although sometimes pricey, is their brand for worry-free protection. Ringke makes the list for the sheer number of phones that they supply cases for. While more popular providers have cases for the latest smartphone to emerge, Ringke cases are the go-to for mid-range or even entry-level models.

Based on the devices supported, the price, and the kind of protection, these three are top picks when searching for the required element of security for the newest investment in communication. They are always on the lookout for further information and keep their readers updated with full reviews featuring pro and cons on the latest and best.

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