New KKA S1 skateboard provides surfboard like experience on road

KKA S1 is the revolutionary new skateboard that is designed to provide a surfboard or ski-board like experience on land. This is achieved using the innovative technology +embedded in its design which provides a smooth riding experience and also enables the users to make better turns and jumps. The interesting part is that it is not an electric skateboard with complicated features and heavy structure but a regular skateboard with advanced features.

KKA S1 is more than a toy for kids as it can be used by youngsters, adults and senior citizens alike owing to its seamless design. The developers have designed this product to bring a much-needed update to the regular skateboard so they decided to keep the basic design of a conventional skateboard to maintain simplicity and its lightweight structure but with innovative features for a better riding experience.

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The idea to develop KKA S1 was born in 2014 and after the first batch of sales in the same year, the developers collected feedbacks from the customers to make further improvements in the product and optimize the overall design which resulted in one of the strongest skateboards in the world, KKA S1. This skateboard can smoothly run on both on road and off road due to its unique design. As compared to the conventional skateboards available in the market, the KKA S1 skateboard comes with refined damping function of the slide plate to promote the creation of the rocker bridge.

KKA S1 skateboard is constructed using magnesium alloy support with carbon fiber body and headlamps for night travel. It features 5 inch PU tires which are wear and corrosion resistant. The 500 W hub DC double motor ensures strong power, fast acceleration and reduces belt or chain transmissions problems. The skateboard also comes with powerful batteries that are used to light up the head and tail lamps as well as run the skateboard at a speed of 40 km per hour for a short range. Additionally, the skateboard comes with mobile app integration feature, brake speed adjustment option and a variety of driving modes to meet the needs of different types of users.

KKA S1 skateboard proves that a simple design change can make all the difference. Instead of the regular skateboard surface, it comes with an anti-slip mat that allows the users to have a better grip and balance. The skateboard can be used for extreme sports and regular commuting.

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