Crypto-currency millionaires rejoice as prices fall which seems like a contradiction in financial logic. But in-fact it is genius!

Crypto millionaires are buying up millions in coins as prices have settled due to a few announcements in Asia. Prepare for the big buys coming in late January 2018 as taxpayers start to receive their refund checks.  This will bring an influx of new investors into the crypto space which will make even more overnight millionaires.

Youtube giant and Crypto-Millionaire Christopher J. Pilsen states “if you don’t jump into it this time, even if only buying fractions of a coin you will forever regret this period of your life!”

During the televised interview he states that currencies to focus on are the legacy coins Litecoin & Ethereum.  “They are where the biggest profits will be gained.”

Also, he said pay special attention to not so well known currencies such as ripple.  Ripple has the potential to be at minimum the next Litecoin and currently as of this interview it is around $1.13.

Some tips that he recommends:

1.) to find a good coin ticker that actively monitors your coin of choice, 

2.) utilize the power of your smart phone to trade on platforms such as coinbase,

3.) taking security precautions is never a bad idea, so do research into hardware wallets,

4.) before venturing into coins that are not considered legacy (the first), do your research into the team behind that particular coin,

5.) learn as much as you can, if in doubt shoot me over an email.  You could imagine how many emails I receive on a daily basis but I do my best to answer around 100 daily.

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