Introducing the initial coin offering (ICO) of HighRewardCoin, a redefined cryptocurrency blockchain

29 December, 2017 – HighRewardCoin (HRC), a digital token that was designed for purchasing investment products on HighRewardCoin platform.  HRC is an investment instrument that is based on new generation blockchain. The platform will exclusively accept HRC tokens after which ICO will only be available for buying at coin exchanges.

The platform will have an internal exchange for users’ convenience after the launch of the lending system. The trading token system will include a wallet where the users can keep, track and handle their personal HRC funds. Its interface provides one with convenient and automated tools for browsing ones token purchases and investments backlog as well as current assets.

Our aim is to offer a wide range of people the opportunity to gain high rewards by making use of our rich experience and advancement tools that includes machine learning and blockchain technologies. Our bots are continuously improved to avoid numerous tiny errors typical for human actor during the trading on global exchanges,” said Kwong Chan of HighRewardCoin.

The wallet is designed to be used in the token sale while ensuring active HRC space. It is based on Ethereum’s strategic ERC20 protocol and is assumed to be used for storing HRC tokens exclusively. HighRewardCoin has developed tokens that comply with ERC20 standard rooted in Ethereum ledger and allowing efficient implementation of HRC tokens.

ERC20 is a reference protocol that ensures the compatibility of coins, which contributes to the viability of HRC cryptospace. This means all ERC20 based coins are a variety of Ethereum tokens adhering to strictly defined standards. The complete compliance with ERC20 requires for the developer to integrate certain series of commands into their smart contract enabling them in case of proper implementation.

HRC has more than enough potential to grow as they have one of the most appealing lending programs and many people will want to participate in it, driving the HRC price higher. Experts predict a 10x-14x rise within the first 3-4 months after the appearance of HRC on exchanges.

The company will also direct part of its income to repurchase HRC off the exchanges, thus reducing their amount in circulation and driving the price upwards.  HighRewardCoin has developed a progressive and innovative credit system highly superior to those of the competitors. They have abstained from daily payouts due to recognizing the increased risks of lowered interests for investors’ community.

HighRewardCoin platform ensures the proper workings of their ecosystem, demonstrating transparency and safety of our transactions because our primary task is to protect the finances of our customers and affiliates shaping our growing social system.

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