StockHoot, the Pioneering Hub for Crypto Analysts and Investors, Celebrates First Anniversary

Chicagoland, IL – December 29, 2017 – A year in the crypto-world today appears to be an eternity, witnessing rapid increase in valuation and spread of this revolutionary idea across the world. StockHoot, the official place to get crypto ideas, has completed a full year since its inception in December 25, 2017, and now offers itself as a leading hub that connects analysts and investors to work together and grow.

StockHoot is the first recommendation network to include all crypto-currencies, and support for 1,833 digital currencies makes it a one-stop platform for investors to seek trading ideas for their preferred investment channel. StockHoot brings together analysts and professionals with proven industry track record, whose recommendation can be sought on stock trades, options strategies and crypto-related topics.

The complexity of the crypto-currency market leaves common investors bewildered, who are looking for actionable insights and real trading ideas for successful returns. StockHoot aims to offer just that to new and eager learners, offering daily stocks, options and Cryptocurrencies recommendations to new and experienced investors, money managers and anyone who wants to beat the market without investing in time consuming research. For investors, StockHoot offers a medium where they can pick up their trusted analyst, interact in real time, and invest with suggested ideas, while the analyst earns subscription fees for sharing trading ideas.

For analysts, StockHoot provides a great avenue to share their expertise with investors, increase following and influence, with just one step needed to start promoting their services in the investor community. The platform offers desktop and mobile friendly website as well as social media outreach to help experienced as well as novice traders, and fundamental, technical and trend traders to growth their business.

StockHoot’s founders come from two fields that are critical to crypto-currencies, trading and technology. Mitesh Bilimoria is a visionary with 15 years of experience in the information technology world solving problems and creating unique solutions to match customer needs, and Jitesh Parikh has spent over 15 years in financial markets as a trader and in Hedge Fund Administration. The duo has pioneered StockHoot as a revolutionary online community of investors and analysts enabling investors to compare best performing analysts and find winning investment ideas, effortlessly.

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