Cultured LLC. launches website that connects foodies for nearby food events

Offers guests the opportunity to meet hosts and other people, and enjoy cuisine from around the world

Pittsburgh, PA – Meeting new people can be rewarding and full of fun. What if there is a way to enjoy great homemade meals and meet people, at the same time. Cultured LLC. is proud to announce the launch of their new website, Dine and Drinks. The site connects hosts with guests, to experience quality homemade meals. The host organizes an event in their residence, while the guests sign up to be part of it. This system provides an opportunity to enjoy great homemade meals, meet new people, and make a living cooking. The site also offers homemade meal pick up at an affordable price.

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“For so many people homemade food is a luxury. This is where we come in. We offer everyone the opportunity to access and enjoy homemade meals at an affordable price. Our cooks make good money while the guests enjoy quality meals from different parts of the world. Also, the events are hosted in clean and inviting locations, because we check everything to make sure that you have the best experience all the time,” said Sijan Mudvari, a representative of Dine and Drinks.

How It Works

Dine and Drinks make it easy for foodies to connect. After signing up, guests can browse through the website by selecting cuisine, date of the event, and location that suits them. So many events are listed and each of them offers quality homemade meals prepared by top chefs. Hosts can then visit the dining event and enjoy the experience or pick up the meal and enjoy it somewhere else.

What makes Dine and Drinks unique is the opportunity it gives to both the hosts and the guests to enjoy the mutual experience. Guests enjoy incredibly prepared homemade meals, while hosts can make a living by cooking. A full profile of the chef is available for all to see to decide before buying the meal.

“I took part in an event recently. It was awesome. One of the most interesting experience I have had in a very long time. First time with an Italian meal. Next time, I would try the Japanese cuisine. Dine and drinks have no limitation,” said Ben J, a customer.


Dine and Drinks offer a collection of quality cuisines from different parts of the world. Guests can choose from cuisines like:

  • American Cuisine
  • Indian Cuisine
  • Mediterranean Cuisine
  • Caribbean Cuisine
  • Thai Cuisine
  • Caribbean Cuisine
  • Chinese Cuisine
  • Host special, etc.

About Cultured LLC.

Cultured LLC is a company dedicated to connecting foodies with nearby food events, parties, culture sharing, cultural events, and networking. The company plans to improve the culture of food delivery and offer chefs the opportunity to make extra income.

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Media Contact
Company Name: CultAtrad LLC
Contact Person: Sijan Mudvari
Country: United States