Grammar Chic, Inc. Suggests Social Media Marketing to Begin New Year

The content marketing experts at Grammar Chic, Inc. offer some meaningful ways for businesses to assess their social marketing efforts.

The start of a new year is an ideal time to set goals and plan for the future — yet it’s also a good juncture for reflection. In particular, business owners and marketing leaders might look over their social media marketing efforts from the previous year, auditing both their results and the resources they spent. In a new statement to the press, content marketing firm Grammar Chic, Inc. offers a few suggestions for meaningful social media auditing.

“Start with a high-level view,” advises Amanda Clark, the founder of Grammar Chic. “Look at metrics such as followers you gained over the previous year; clicks and conversions; traffic driven to your website; and social shares. See how this year’s results compare to last year’s — but also compare against your budget. It’s important to know what you achieved, but also what it cost you.”

There are some other big-picture matters that should be addressed, Clark says. “Did you implement any new strategies, or break into any new social platforms over the previous year?” she asks. “Did these efforts pay off, or should they be discontinued?” Additionally, Clark recommends that content production frequency be taken into account.

After gathering some of this preliminary data, business owners and marketing leaders can start to sort things out into major categories. “Hopefully, you’ll see some areas of unqualified success — maybe a new strategy that paid off in a big way, or a specific metric where you handily topped your goals for the year,” she says. “You may also have some obvious failures, and probably a few data points that fall somewhere in between.”

Using these broad categories, marketers can make informed decisions for their next round of social media marketing activities. “This should be highly actionable data,” Clark says. “You can spot significant ways to build on last year’s successes, while also cutting out some of your less-effective methods.”

Ultimately, the goal is to create a data-backed approach that will yield a strong social media marketing presence in 2018 — though even here, ongoing course corrections will be needed.

“As you put together a strategy for the new year, make sure you’re regularly checking in and using metrics to guide you forward,” Clark concludes. “And for help gleaning action points from your audit, don’t hesitate to reach out to the proven experts at Grammar Chic.”

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