New Health Trend – Out with the Juicer, in with the Blenders

London, UK – To juice, or not to juice, that is the question. Juicing is a health trend that has been gaining more followers with each year. The process of juicing consists of extracting the natural nutrients from vegetables and fruits as it separates the pulp. The result is a refreshing beverage that helps individuals to obtain their daily nutrients. However, a juicer is a limited kitchen appliance as it is solely utilized for one purpose. That’s why more consumers and health gurus are switching to blenders, which are multifunctional and can still achieve nearly the same effects as a juicer. While a blender does not extract pulp and other fibres as it blends vegetables and fruits, thus resulting in a thicker consistency, the amount of nutrients contained in a blended beverage remain the same as a juiced beverage. As more consumers are tossing their juicers in favour of blenders, they are turning to sites like Best Blenders to find the right kitchen appliance for their health needs.

Corrina Lestag strives to promote a healthy lifestyle and has created Best Blenders to aid individuals in their transition from juicers to blenders. Best Blenders,, provides helpful information for buyers looking to determine the best appliance to introduce nutrient-dense whole foods into their diet.

Ablender is multifunctional in that it can crush and pulse vegetables, fruits, and ice into a smooth consistency while eliminating lumps and thickness.A blender can blend multiple ingredients to an ideal consistency, but unlike juicers, it can also create other beverages and foods, such as smooth and decadent soups and grind coffee beans for the morning brew.

Best Blenders, covers the wide array of blenders on the market, including immersion and kitchen-top blenders. A kitchen top blender is a common appliance whereas the immersion, or hand-held blender, is mobile. The benefits of these for promoting fitness and suiting one’s lifestyle are explained in greater detail in the Best Blenders reviews.

The Best Blenders reviews contain descriptions of each appliance as well as videos demonstrating the use. The reviews also explain important features like speed settings, blades types and usages, as well as if the models are dishwasher safe.

As more individuals are committing to health resolutions for the new year and switching from juicing to blending, reviewer resources like Best Blenders are helping to facilitate that transition.

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