Virtu Announced That It Will Enter The Block-chain Industry

Not long after Avelines Financial Corp. Ltd. (London, UK) and Yonghua Financial Company (Taiwan) claimed their participation into the block-chain industry. On January 1st  2018, Virtu Financial from New York, USA also announced that it will enter the block-chain industry on the fist page of the new year.


Virtu Financial , founded in New York in 2008 by Vincent Viola and Douglas Cifu.  It was first headquartered in New York city and has branches in Austin, Berlin, London as well as Singapore and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Later in 2013 the CEO of the company Douglas Cifu decided to shifted the general headquarter to Berlin, Germany, in order to better perform the future business.


As one of the giants of the financial industry with more than 10 years’ professional experience ,  that Virtu also perceives the huge potential of Block-chain for the financial industry. Therefore, there is no doubt that the block-chain is a giant and precious business opportunity for those financial consulting companies. For those large financial institutions, the core of the development has changed from whether to transform or improve to how to transform and improve. However, the majority are still in lack of the information and knowledge towards the block-chain technology. That is why offering assistance to help financial institutions to transform and improve will be a new kind of business mode for sure. It is extremely urgent nowadays that all the global financial institutions are craving for the knowledge and information of the block-chain technology, this explains why the majority of the DAH financing 50 million US dollars is invested in the financial institutions rather than venture capital agencies.

Up till the present moment, the pace of various enterprises and governments planning to move into the industry of block-chain technology are accelerating as time goes by. Over the past few days, we have verified the government of China announced its intention to issue digital currencies based on block-chain technology; The Common-wealth Bank of Australia will set up an innovative block-chain laboratory in Hong Kong and will do the same thing in London in the next quarter. We also see the German Banks forecast that within the next ten years cash will become redundant. It appears that many agencies have finally acknowledged that block-chain technology may be the foundation of the future, perhaps at a time of uncertainty, whether it is for national financial institutions or global institutions, both of them will extend from this point. As a result, so far they are scrambling to understand the basic mechanisms and potential usages of block-chain technology.


Today, we have got to seen another well-known financial services corporation – Virtu Financial, announced its move into block-chain technology industry. As a famous global corporation, Virtu has more than 20 thousand employees mostly centralized in the U.S, Europe and Asia. It is considered as one of the world’s top financing company and the sixth largest private company in the United States .And now, it is looking to the block-chain technology industry.


So far as we are concerned, Virtu has begun to form its block-chain technical team. The team is located in Los Angeles, Califonia and Virtu expects that by the end of this year the team will expand from its current 15 people to 60 people and divide into 4 professional groups for their own missions. These groups will investigate the potential usage of block-chain technology and figure out how Virtu is going to manipulate it so as to promote the financial industries’ comprehension of the technology.

Let’s take a look at how Virtu responded…

Vincent Viola, the founder of Virtu Financial tells us:

This is not the first time we show our great interest in block-chain technology, various of clear evidence proves that block-chain technology is being sought as a secure storage and is being considered as distributed solution for banks, distinct institutions and governments from all over the world.  But at the same time, block-chain technology is annoying some of the major participators in the financial services industry because they do not know how much potential it will have for changing the current business mode and how it will evolve in the coming future… As the huge potential of the block-chain is gradually emerging, we are convinced that this disruptive financial technology will lead to a dramatic increase in demand for block-chain expertise across the financial industry and we will try to be a leader in exploring these disruptive new technologies, not only will we seize the precious opportunity of transformation and improvement, also we will be able to provide our customers with related world-class services and experience.

Douglas Cifu, the brilliant man as the CEO of Virtu also says:

Building the Virtu’s own block system, and through Virtu’s execution services will enable Virtu’s customers to access liquidity with complex algorithms and experience block-chain trading counters, maintaining anonymity as well as minimizing market impact in the near future. Our Virtu tools and strategies are structured like a market maker based upon work-class quantitative analysis and a strong commitment to innovative  technology in the block-chain. No matter by what kind of method or in what kind of business our clients want to trade, our block-chain liquidity experts will figure out the best way for them. Based on the block-chain technology, the decentralized computing system has countable security , stability and information can not be tampered with in order to ensure the authenticity of the data. All in all, in the coming days we gotta provide our clients in need with the best solutions through block-chain technology.


As far as we are concerned, Virtu Financial has made up its mind to make a difference through joining in the Block-chain Technology Industry. 

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