Hood Gardens’ Adopt A School Program Redefines Community Gardening

Hood Gardens, is a pilot program created by Black Owned And Operated Community Land Trust (non-profit organization). An organization dedicated to increasing property ownership and entrepreneurialism in black and underserved communities. A new school gardening program Launched by Hood Gardens has set out to make lasting changes in the lives of children nationwide by providing them with an opportunity to grow their own food.

“We believe that teaching young children how to grow food today will allow them to eat healthier and gain the knowledge needed to make positive changes in their lives and neighborhoods tomorrow,” said Akil West Founder of Hood Gardens.

What are the benefits of a school garden you ask? Well in addition to it’s obvious health benefits, it helps with comprehension. When classroom learning is combined with gardening’s practical implementation of math and science, children grade better in those subjects. School gardens increase a sense of community and stewardship in students. It fosters school spirit and brings them together (all races, ages, social classes and cultures).

With Hood Gardens Adopt A School Program, many children will be given the opportunity to learn how to transform a barren plot of land into a productive, food-producing garden. As part of this program, schools will receive Community Gardening Kits. Each kit contains 55,000 fruit and vegetable seeds, which is enough to plant a two acre garden. The kit contains a variety of 30 different types seeds all are 100 percent non-hybrid and non-GMO. A children’s book called “I Grow My Own Food”, written by the programs founder Lord Akil, will also be included in the kit.

Because we know that school gardens will help to build future community leaders, we need your help in reaching our initial goal of $10,000, which will provide Gardening kits for 100 deserving schools nationwide. In our quest to get donor help, we are proud to announce that Hood Gardens’ Adopt A School Program is now an Amazon Store Affiliate. When you purchase your garden products with us, Amazon gives us a small percentage of the sale. 100% of that money goes back into the program to help a grade school, a Community Garden or another non profit organization with its gardening project. (We would like to STRESS that our percentage per sale is minimal, Your gofundme donation will make a huge difference).

If you are a Grade School, Religious Organization or Non-Profit Organization in need of assistance or would like to work with us please contact us. #ItTakesAVillage

For more detailed information about Hood Gardens, please visit www.HoodGardens.com

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