Peanut Doppler celebrates one decade of quality service delivery

Leading manufacturer of baby Doppler’s Peanut Doppler, celebrates their 10th anniversary with new features and a free shipping offer on its heartbeat Doppler.

Peanut Doppler is one of the leading manufacturers of fetal Doppler designed to allow mothers and parents, in general, to listen to the heart rate of their unborn baby. As part of the celebration to mark the company’s 10th anniversary of providing quality services to parents, the company is offering free shipping on its newly improved baby Doppler. This allows parents and their well-wishers to get the Doppler at remarkably affordable rates especially with the free shipping offer.

One of the greatest joys a parent can have is hearing their unborn baby’s heart rate for the first time during pregnancy. The once in a lifetime opportunity is breathtaking creates an immediate bond between the child and the parents. However, there are not too many quality fetal Doppler makers in the market and many parents have consequently settled for inferior products even at incredibly high prices. Others have taken the somewhat stressful approach of going for Doppler echocardiography. Peanut Doppler is, however, making the process of hearing the baby’s heartbeat more fun, pleasurable and easier with its newly improved heartbeat Doppler.

The newly improved Doppler is FDA and CE certified, with a handheld prenatal monitor that is safe to use by any expectant mother, an unprecedented achievement by any other pocket Doppler. The device is very easy to use, only requiring the application of the included gel on the back of the mother while following the well-detailed instructions.

The newest version of the device comes with an exclusive Doppler wave that allows parents to see the sign wave just like the doctors do. The screen has also been made to show color, ensuring that the baby’s heartbeat is seen in numbers, wave, and color.

Each purchase of the Peanut Doppler package includes the following:

  • The Doppler unit w/speaker, headphone jack, LCD Screen (NEW for 2018 Wave and digital heartbeat display)
  • Doppler Gel (to reduce static)
  • Complete Manual
  • 2 – AA Batteries

The device has continued to grow in popularity and acceptance, with accolades from different quarters. “I can’t wait to meet my baby, the Peanut Doppler makes waiting easier. Whenever I want I can listen to the heartbeat and imagine what life will be like when my baby arrives,” says Kylie & Bo.

The Peanut Doppler is ideally operated after 16 weeks as it could be a bit difficult to track a fetal heartbeat younger than 16 weeks. In addition to helping parents listen to their unborn baby’s heartbeat, the device also allows them to share the love with their loved ones by taking videos with their smartphones and showing off their baby’s heartbeat.

About Peanut Doppler

Peanut Doppler is a handheld Doppler designed to help parents listen to the heartbeat of their unborn baby with easy, while they enjoy the bond and the once in a lifetime feeling. The device is created to make the process easier, more pleasurable and more fun for parents and their loved ones.

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