Marietta Tree Aces Guarantees Zero Damage Extraction

Marietta, GA – A leading tree extraction company in Marietta, Georgia, is offering zero damage tree extraction. Marietta Tree Aces has been in the business since 1999 and has been providing excellent service to its clients in Marietta and its neighboring areas for almost two decades already. Tree extraction is done the traditional way without the use of heavy equipment that can easily damage gardens and lawns, which is what usually happens when trees are felled.

Scaling Marietta trees to remove them isn’t just a job for us, it’s a passion. Each one is different and requires a unique approach to make sure it’s done properly. You may have a big funky oak tree that is starting to grow toward your daughter’s bedroom on the second story of your home. Maybe it’s a pesky pine that loves to shed its needles all over your new Mercedes-Benz in the driveway below. Regardless of what species your tree is, you can rest assured that we’ve extracted one (or a thousand) of them before. Maple, cedar, hickory… doesn’t matter. We’ve got the climbers on staff to take your tree limbs down one at a time so cleanly, you’ll swear they were abducted by aliens. In reality, they were simply reduced to wood chips to be recycled and put to good use. We’re the local tree surgeons you can trust,” a statement from the company website that assures clients that they are getting the best service by hiring Marietta Tree Aces.

The company offers tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding and removal, emergency tree service, and firewood. In removing the trees from a lawn, seasoned tree climbers and cutters from Marietta Tree Aces will cut the trees part by part, starting from the top to the bottom. Each branch Is removed one at a time and a rope is used to lower them down gently rather than letting them fall to the ground below.  This prevents damage on other smaller plants, the lawn, and the landscape. After each job, all the debris from the felled trees are removed and the area cleaned.

Before removing a tree, its distance from the house and the direction to which it leans to make sure that the property will never be damaged is considered. Aside from excellent service, the company has been known for honest pricing as a free estimate is always done prior to starting the tree removal services in Marietta.

Marietta Tree Aces remains the most trusted and most affordable tree removal service in the area. The company is located at 272 Lamplighter Ln SE, Marietta, GA 30067.

They can be contacted via phone number 770-285-1710 or via email at

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Company Name: Marietta Tree Aces
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Address:272 Lamplighter Ln SE
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