Zima Media Become First Digital Agency On Fiverr PRO

Zima Media has become the first remote digital, SEO, and advertising agency to operate their business on Fiverr PRO. This continues Zima Media’s wholesale embrace of taking established business concepts and remaking them to fit with new age attitudes, styles, and expectations.

Groundbreaking use of Fiverr PRO

Fiverr is not a new service, but Fiverr PRO is making waves with how it has the potential to change the business landscape. As the first remote agency to use the platform entirely, Zima Media has proved itself to be ahead of the times.

There are multiple reasons why using an agency via Fiverr PRO is attractive to customers, but the biggest reason is simple: the price. Digital, SEO, and advertising services can be incredibly expensive, and may involve significant investment before a company will see any ROI. However, with Zima Media via Fiverr PRO, tasks can be purchased individually and results are easier to track– and the prices are up to 90% lower than they would be with a standard agency. This is an incredibly exciting development for cash-strapped businesses trying to build their online presence.

How Zima Media are keeping the costs down

It’s natural to wonder how a business can offer prices that undercut their rivals by more than 90%; perhaps customers might even include that quality is going to be reduced as a result. This isn’t the case.

Zima Media founders Michael Zima and Damien Bouvier have, once again, embraced new business possibilities to create a company that is 100% remote. They have no offices, so no office overheads; instead, staff are chosen from talent across the globe, and work remotely on projects to deliver the best results. This style of working allows Zima Media to hire the best staff possible, without geographical limitations, and to offer reduced prices to customers due to lack of overheads and other conventional business expenses.

What Zima Media offer

Zima Media is utilizing Fiverr PRO to offer a range of different services to consumers. The services available from the company include:

  • SEO services, to help businesses promote their website using up-to-date tools and strategies. Zima Media specializes in focusing on the 10 most important SEO-relevant pages of a site.

  • SEO content, including advice on keywords, trends, and the creation of an SEO “power page”.

  • SEO outreach, helping to place SEO articles onto relevant websites for promotional purposes.

  • Adwords assistance, strategies, and full campaign management.

  • Assistance with Google Analytics, helping businesses to understand their website, customer base, and convert warm leads into sales.

The company specializes in a data-driven approach to help ensure success. They have a substantial history of satisfied clients; one of the benefits of Fiverr PRO is that a company can see Zima Media’s work history for themselves. Zima Media is proud to have completed over 1,300 orders, spanning across 30 different industries.

With such an open-minded approach to the way businesses can operate in the 21st century, there’s no doubt that the partnership with Fiverr PRO signals that Zima Media is a company to watch for the future.

Media Contact
Company Name: Zima Media
Contact Person: Michael Zima
Email: hello@zimamedia.com
Phone: 224-444-9462
Country: United States
Website: https://zimamedia.com/