Coming Soon: FO: Fidget Origin – World Oldest Fidget Tool with Modern and Luxury Outlook

Unleash the full potential of fidgeting. Originally made and used since 10.000 BC.

Skopje, MK – January 15th, 2018 – FO: Fidget Origin is a fidget, a product which announces its campaign on the crowdfunding online platform – INDIEGOGO. With this campaign, the FO: Fidget Origin is trying to resurrect the native design of the fidget as a tool, and the way of fidgeting. It calls onto a 12,000-year-old tradition of fidget crafting and usage.

The campaign promotional video starts with making a point that the practice of using this fidget can also be found today, where it’s most commonly seen with the clergy, in almost all of the major religions, taking the form of prayer beads, which are used for spiritual exercise.

What is unique about FO: Fidget Origin is its luxurious outlook because of the quality of the embedded materials. It’s made out of semi-precious gemstones, stainless snake chain, and strong magnetic clasps. The first series that is presented in the campaign is the “Bronzite edition”. In the section “Stretch goal” of the campaign there is an announcement for future editions made of Amazonite, Tigers eye, Obsidian, Onyx, Tourmaline and many others.

The FO: Fidget Origin’s designer, paid special attention to its functionality. The compact “palm-size” dimension allows for its discreet usage, and at the same time it doesn’t distract others in its surroundings. For the more conservative users, it will be important that this fidget doesn’t leave an impression of a toy and looks natural in the user’s hand.

We asked about where the idea came from and what the benefits of using this product are: “FO: Fidget Origin is an ancestral heritage fidget tool. Exists to fulfill one purpose only, fidgeting – as should be properly done. May help in: overcoming anxiety, keeping thoughts sharp and amplifying attention focus. Works both ways: achieving proactive ambitious or calming thoughts,” said Deni Andonov – the campaign owner.

With this project, FO: Fidget Origin brings freshness to the fidget industry, but let’s leave it to time to determine whether our generation will accept it and continue this 12,000-year-old tradition.

About FO: Fidget Origin:

FO: Fidget Origin’s project team is committed to providing a proved tool to overcome anxiety discomfort in the most natural way as it has always been done. Reliable solutions to enhance cognitive abilities, also abandoning bad habits like smoking, drinking, snaking, nail biting, finger cracking and at the same time, it helps to relax, meditate and sleep drifting. FO: Fidget Origin gives the confidence to carry out daily activities smoothly.

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