RDS Offers Personalized Remote Dosimetry Services for Cancer Treatment Centers with Cost and Quality Advantage

Lucedale, MSM  – Remote dosimetry and physics services by RDS offer not merely a high-quality solution, but an effective partnership with cancer care centers based on latest advancements in the field. RDS is now offering cost effective treatment planning options, ranging from temporary or overflow coverage to full dosimetry with a uniquely personalized process.

Dosimetry and physics solutions for cancer treatment centers help in measuring, calculating and assessing the ionizing radiation dose absorbed by the human body. RDS is not only an advanced solution provider, but also aims to help cancer treatment centers offer the best medical care to their patients.

RDS offer the latest in dosimetry and physics solutions, and these include 2D, 3D, IMRT, IGRT, compensator based IMRT, prostate seed implants and contouring services. To ensure that only the best services are provided, the RDS team visits treatment centers to help assess their needs and analyze their work flow. The team then works dedicatedly with the facility to build a long term partnership of benefit to the center and its patients.

“RDS continuously strives to maintain its commitment to providing our partners with the latest versions of the some of the best software in the industry. Some of the field’s most knowledgeable and qualified professionals are available to your center at a much lower cost through RDS. Our board-certified staff is permanently assigned to your center,” said Alex Plowman, CEO of RDS.

RDS was set up in 2003 by offering a remote dosimetry service to a rural cancer treatment center, managing to drastically cut down on the center’s expenses. The service was than expanded to cover other cancer centers.

The dedicated and full time staff at RDS is trained with the latest technology, and offer personalized services from temporary remote planning coverage to a complete set of services created from grounds up. The team uses some of the most popular planning systems and is trained on all major planning systems available today. Clients can choose from these or opt for the RDS secure remote access offering that utilizes the client’s TPS system.

RDS solutions come without any hidden fees, and clients pay only for the services rendered based on approved plans submitted on time. RDS also provides for temporary coverage for staff vacations, staff shortages, or times of peak load.

“Every one of our current clients is making a profit from their dosimetry services.  Our clients are able to generate fees without the headaches of administration that go with providing dosimetry coverage and patients receive superior quality planning,” says Alex Plowman.

For more information, please visit: www.rdsdose.com

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