2018 Tuyere On The Pig – Block Chain Star “Oeanc”

The past year is doomed to extraordinary, bitcoin and blockchain connected to burst friends circle, Thunder, everyone, storm and other Internet companies have announced the introduction of the end of the blockchain, and blockchain related stocks rose overnight, and then To the famous angel investor Xu Xiaoping internally called for “the blockchain revolution has come, this is a prosperous, the inverse of the great technological revolution”, the beginning of the new year, gradually being more well-known blockchain On 2018 the first outlet.

2018 tuyere on the pig — block chain star  

Blockchain technology is considered to be the next generation of disruptive core technologies, following steam engines, power and the Internet. If steam engines release people’s productivity, electricity solves basic human needs, and the Internet completely changes the way information is delivered, then blockchains, as machines for building trust, can drastically change the way in which human values ​​are transmitted throughout society.

Mr. Walter, a famous mathematician, chemist and blockchain technology scholar, conducted an in-depth study and continuous follow-up on the technology of blockchain and believed that the blockchain not only has broad prospects for development in the fields of technology and finance, but also is immeasurable in the field of trade So Mr. Walter introduced this concept in a pioneering way in the trade field and combined the ocean trade with the blockchain. In January 2018, “oeanc” was developed. “Oeanc”, also known as oeanc (OEC), takes the scrypt algorithm, which has a total of 10 billion algorithms.

Full name: Oeanc
Short name: OEC
Developer: Walter
Development time: January 2018
Website: www.oeanc.org
Total: 10 billion
Algorithm: Scrypt

The most important component of the world trade of marine trade is the most important part of world trade. 90% of the bulk commodities are completed through marine trade. However, the traditional trade modes include technical barriers, trade barriers and low levels of liberalization. However, The emergence of “oeanc” has, to some extent, improved the malpractices in maritime trade and has allowed decentralization to break the barriers to trade. Both parties have adopted the blockchain technology to reduce the cost of trade and get rid of the dependence on trade intermediaries and trade third parties. Get free trade.

Thanks to his previous studies in mathematics, philosophy and medicine at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, and his experience of serving in the Dutch army, Mr. Walter has accumulated a solid academic background and professionalism. Due to his fame and dedication in European academia Very wide, Mr. Walter developed “oeanc” has been the European consortium’s support and recognition.

“Blockchain may be as great as the Internet… It may be a historic opportunity that is far more subversive than artificial intelligence.” So it is clear that Oeanc has a solid grasp of the rare historic opportunity to catch the blockchain ride. As one of the new star, “oeanc” backed by trees so good shade, easy to take off the pedal tuyere, is bound to shine in 2018!

Media Contact
Company Name: Oeanc
Contact Person: Peter
Email: contact@oeanc.org
Country: Netherlands
Website: http://www.oeanc.org/