Break The Barriers To Trade And Look At The Ocean Chain To Bring About The Freedom Of Trade

Since the WTO World Trade Organization was established, the pace of economic globalization has generally accelerated. Marine trade is the most important part of world trade. 90% of the bulk commodities need to be done through marine trade. However, so far, there are still many disadvantages of the marine trade. This requires some solution, and the emergence of the ocean chain has no doubt effectively solved the problem.

Break The Barriers To Trade And Look At The Ocean Chain To Bring About The Freedom Of Trade 

Ocean Link OEC developer Walter is a mathematician, chemist and blockchain technology scholar. Perhaps it is the kind of social responsibility inherent in scholarship. He is deeply concerned about the various drawbacks, technical barriers, trade barriers and the low degree of liberalization in marine trade. In order to effectively solve these problems, he developed the ocean chain OEC.

Full name: Oeanc
Short name: OEC
Developer: Walter
Development time: January 2018
Total: 10 billion
Algorithm: Scrypt

The decentralized system of the ocean chain effectively solves this problem. When the number of nodes involved in the centralized system is from 5 to 100, the system risk will obviously increase, while the number of participating nodes in the decentralized system will decrease from 5 to 100, the system risk index will be significantly decreased. See the comparison of this data, have not been shocked by the power of the ocean chain. For many things, safety and risk-free are top priorities, and Ocean Link succeeded in this, so there is no doubt that the development of the ocean chain must be within reach. In addition, it not only successfully solved the problem of TCP / IP secure transmission, but also solves the problem of decentralized trust in informationized networking and has not been shaken by its powerful capabilities. Ocean nodes within each node have the information of each node, under the premise of the transaction is open, the information can be anonymous principle. All node consensus rules determine the transactions within the system, and this rule is fair and mandatory for all nodes. The most important thing is that this rule will increase with time and the number of transactions will increase. As a result, the chain of synchronization and update within each node will become longer and longer. As a result, the chain of simultaneous updates is more and more difficult to be tampered with, and the work on safety and trust is even more complete. So for the ocean chain, do not have to worry about its credibility and security work.

The ocean chain developed by Walter solved all the problems in the marine trade nowadays and the European consortium gave it a high degree of recognition and support. To know that obtaining recognition and support from the European consortium requires sufficient strength, we can clearly see that Ocean Link will become the brightest blockchain star in 2018, making an immense contribution to the present marine trade, Let us wait and see!

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Country: Netherlands