Rising Star Of The Blockchain, Oeanc To Change The Shortcomings Of Maritime Trade

Judging from the economic development so far, the pace of economic globalization will only grow faster and faster. As for the most important part of world trade, there are many problems in maritime trade. Technical barriers, trade barriers and the low degree of liberalization all restrict the development of marine trade. 90% of the bulk commodities are to be done through marine trade. If we do not solve these problems, the development of marine trade will be greatly affected.

Rising Star Of The Blockchain, Oeanc To Change The Shortcomings Of Maritime Trade 

Well-known mathematician, chemist and blockchain technology scholar Walter expressed his deep concern about this phenomenon. He has a deep sense of responsibility and mission in mathematics, philosophy and medicine at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands and serving in the Dutch army. Coupled with the academic community in Europe also have some influence, scholars worry he set foot on the road to solve the maritime trade problem. May be painstaking days, he succeeded in doing, he developed oeanc a good solution to the existing problems.

The essence of oeanc is the blockchain, which is a general ledger for all historical transactions. Contain different transaction records in different blocks, in fact, each page of the account. We can see every detail of the transaction through this public account. So what is the difference between oeanc and other blockchains?

Full name: Oeanc
Short name: OEC
Developer: Walter
Development time: January 2018
Website: www.oeanc.org
Total: 10 billion
Algorithm: Scrypt

First let us first understand the concept of centralization: it is real in real life, and everyone is trying to become a member of the center, in short. When you want to contact A, you have to pass B, at which time B becomes a “structural hole,” which may profit for that purpose or create a competitive advantage. This is a simple centralization. “Structural hole” brings information asymmetry, information flow control and so on to form a certain competitive advantage. Centralization in social networking is more than that.

The oeanc do decentralization, in the final analysis is to reduce the huge competition brought about by the center. Decentralization does not mean that there is no center. It merely shifts the center from the uncontrollable “person” to the controllable and neutral one so that the pre-competitive advantage does not exist. It can be said simply that this is a reduction of power, and controllability is better for individuals.

For the future of commercial development, there is no doubt that toward the decentralized direction, such as the arrival of the era of shared cycling. Oeanc can be said to catch up with the development trend of the times, but also successfully decentralized to the concept of the actual operation.

Not only solved the technical barriers, trade barriers, low degree of liberalization and other issues, so that the marine trade has been further developed, but also by virtue of their strength has been the strong support of the European consortium, so Walter developed oeanc development must be Thriving.

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