examines the car industry’s top diagnostic tools.

15 Jan, 2018 – is offering an exclusive inside look at Bluetooth enabled car diagnostic devices through their in-depth reviews, which were recently published for the public.

According to their reviews and overall ratings, the FIXD Bluetooth enabled car health monitor is the highest rated product on the market. They explain how FIXD plugs into any gas-powered car made after 1996 and connects to any smartphone or tablet via. free app. Vehicle owners report having success using this device to decipher check engine light codes.

The review done at also informs drivers that FIXD is easily installed into the OBD-II port, which is normally located under the dash area by the driver’s side (although check your vehicle’s manual for exact location as it can vary). The diagnostic information the FIXD device receives from your car is then shown in regular English terms on your smartphone or tablet app. The website describes this process as “easy to understand for all drivers”.

The review also answers the popular question whether FIXD really does work or if it’s some marketing scam. As stated on their review, there is no such scam as FIXD operates as designed and offers additional features to traditional OBD-II readers like maintenance reminders for upcoming service items and cost estimates for repairs. The review shows how cost savings are realized by using FIXD and is recommended for all car owners.


The review site comprises of a team of car experts that review up and coming technological advances of car diagnostic tools. Their reviews showcase popular products and answer questions by testing out the devices themselves.

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