Boulder\’s Network Family Wellness Center Has Published an Astonishing Research Paper on Heart Rate Variability

Both Doctors Are Alumni of Sherman College & They Have Presented This Research at The 14th Annual International Research & Philosophy Symposium (IRAPS)

Boulder, CO, USA – January 15, 2018 – Network Family Wellness Center, a leading chiropractic services in Boulder County, Colorado and its leading chiropractic team has published its fifth research article on the health of the spine, network spinal care, neurostructural optimization, and physiological changes. Dr. Daniel & Dr. Richelle Knowles are two of the leading chiropractors of the center, who have presented this research at the 14th Annual International Research and Philosophy Symposium (IRAPS) that took place at Sherman College.

“This symposium was basically a peer-reviewed conference in South Carolina and it was a wonderful experience for both of us,” said Dr. Richelle Knowles while talking about her participation alongside Dr. Daniel Knowles at the conference. “In this paper, 46 patients received care at the Network Family Wellness Center’s chiropractic office and they all had a variety of presenting complaints from musculoskeletal to visceral to asymptomatic,” she added. The couple has continuously been educating the community as well as the professionals with their fruitful chiropractic research, particularly related to spinal or other chiropractic issues.

The title of this research by Dr. Daniel Knowles was ‘Improvement in Heart Rate Variability in 46 Patients Undergoing Chiropractic with Network Spinal Analysis: A Retrospective Analysis of Outcomes’ and it has received a phenomenal response from the healthcare industry experts. Previously, Dr. Knowles also conducted research on the topic of Radiological changes in lateral cervical spinal curves as well as several other key topics covering important research on spinal issues and chiropractic healthcare.

“This study demonstrates that NSA care may be an effective method for people to improve their autonomic nervous system function through adjustment of vertebral subluxation, reorganizing spinal tension patterns and decreasing physiological stress,” stated the conclusion of this paper and according to several healthcare experts present at the conference, this research will help many practitioners in the future on several areas of key importance. The study will not only add to the existing literature on the subjects, but will ultimately play a major role in bringing many patients back to good health.

About Dr. Daniel & Dr. Richelle Knowles

Practicing in Boulder, this leading chiropractic couple are also proud alumni of Sherman College where Dr. Daniel Knowles graduated from the doctor of chiropractic program in 1996 and Dr. Richelle Knowles graduated in 1999. Moreover, their Network Family Wellness Center has received a phenomenal response from patients who continuously share inspiring testimonials regarding their care at the center.

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