CEO and Founder of TRACY NEGOSHIAN launches unique in-home boutique business for women.


CLEARWATER, FL – Jan 15, 2018 – Using the trademark TRACY NEGOSHIAN bold prints and colors, women entrepreneurs everywhere now have the opportunity to launch an in-home fashion business that has over 10 years of brand recognition and a proven product line. The in-home boutique business offers flexibility, as well as a great income potential, with little overhead. “After interviewing many women who were looking for this kind of an opportunity, I feel we’ve created an exciting and rewarding fashion business that is far and above what any of our competitors can offer. Because I know, first hand, what it takes to balance work and family, I specifically created a business platform that extensively supports our TN Stylists so they can build the business and income they want and deserve while being present for all those Little Red Wagon Moments”.

After experiencing the NCAA National Championship football game in 2007, Tracy Negoshian became aware of the opportunity to design collegiate fashions for game days around the country. It was at this moment she began what would evolve, 10 years later, into a bright, colorful, trendy American brand that offers women unique designer fashions at an affordable price point. As Tracy’s business and family life evolved, she realized she wanted to shift time spent traveling and in the office to more time spent with her growing family. She wanted more of those “Little Red Wagon Moments” that make life rich and rewarding. Understanding that this priority was a driving force for most women, she began creating a new business that would allow for the same freedoms and flexibilities she had carved out for herself. She thought, why not create this opportunity for the everyday woman who wants the same things? So, in late 2015 Tracy and her team began to put together the TN Stylist program; a fun, flexible and rewarding fashion business that can be run right from home. Tracy focused on creating a business model that allowed other women to design a lifestyle at a pace they were comfortable with growing.

“Whether looking to earn a little extra for those dance lessons, stashing funds away for summer vacations or deciding to pivot altogether and run a full-time fashion business, I want women to have the choice to design their lifestyle on their terms, and we’ve created the tools and support to do that”.  

You can find out more about Tracy Negoshian and her new in-home boutique business by visiting her website at

About Tracy Negoshian: 

Tracy is married to David Phillips and they have two children, Cooper and Ellery. Family life is very important to her and she’s learned how to balance the demands of her very busy business schedule with that of her home life. This passion to be able to enjoy family life was one of the leading factors in deciding to offer the in-home boutique experience to women everywhere.

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