UK rapper Honey G dropped her new single, ‘Riding Hot’.

16 Jan, 2018 – On January 12, UK rapper Honey G dropped her new single, ‘Riding Hot’. Following the acclaim of her last few singles, tour dates, and media appearances, the X-Factor alum is now looking for opportunities to perform her song live!

Audiences are going crazy for the electric Honey G, who combines hip-hop, female empowerment, showmanship, and an all-around feel-good time at her live performances. She demos through the roof with young female audiences, middle-aged female audiences, and family audiences.

Now is the time to jump on the Honey G bandwagon as her brand is hotter than ever. Take a look to see what the X-Factor star has been up to lately:

  • Honey recently wrapped a prominent role in Hastings pantomime ‘Sleeping Beauty’ at the White Rock Theatre. Honey played the role of ‘Fairy G, the ethereal spirit sent to help the beautiful Princess Aurora as she is placed under a curse by her wicked godmother Carabosse.’
  • On 22nd December, Honey appeared on the Al Murray Make Christmas Great Again show on ITV.
  • She also appeared in the national television advertising campaign for Peacocks. The Peacocks Christmas advert 2017 features Honey G, Jedward, Wagner and more X Factor stars. Honey G, at the end of the ad, says: ‘Peacocks just sleighed it!’
  • On New Year’s Day, Honey made an appearance on ITV’s Good Morning Britain to discuss her hot new single, ‘Riding Hot’.
  • Honey G astonished fans and viewers worldwide when, on 4 January, she appeared on an episode of Channel 5’s 100% Hotter for a makeover. Crossing the room to meet the show’s host, Honey G seemed to be an entirely different person. Gone were her iconic shades and baseball cap, and instead, she wore a sleek black number that accentuated her natural curves. Her long hair cascaded down her shoulders, and her face beamed with smoky eye makeup and nude lipstick. Fans gushed, including Boy George, who said in a tweet: ‘How much better does Honey G look. Sack the glasses.’

Now, after a busy holiday season, Honey’s preparing for more live performances, whether that is in front of a television audience, university theater, or a commercially sponsored event. The possibilities are endless.

Please contact her manager, Richard Jones for more information.

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