The New Arrival Airwheel SR3 intelligent self-driving suitcase Shows A Creative Way Of Travelling

We often face these troubles during travel, like the heavy suitcase, more than one suitcase. Do we have a better choice in AI era? Airwheel’s latest product—SR3 smart suitcase deals with these troubles.

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Airwheel has a wide range of products and riding its mini electric scooter enriches people’s lives and benefits cultivating a positive, confident and resolute personality. Instead of addiction to television or network, riding Airwheel can enhance riders’ immunity and promote the body’s balance, coordination, flexibility, and cultivate the ability of independence. The family Airwheel ride can improve relationship, and increase the parent-child relationship to promote family harmony. Early in 2018, Airwheel rolled out a robot smart suitcase—SR3, a great assistant during domestic and abroad travel.

Airwheel SR3 smart suitcase

Airwheel SR3 self-driving luggage is a 20-inch standard boarding suitcase. Through optimization, the internal space with reasonable layout is up to 30L. It is equipped with TSA002 customs lock in line with the general standards of customs, which is safe and convenient for customs clearance. The battery that powers Airwheel SR3 smart luggage can be easily removed and is charged with wireless technology. The 13,000 mAh lithium-ion battery provides 5km range and can charge your mobile phone, PAD and other electronics. Moreover, its removable battery complies with airline boarding requirements.

Airwheel SR3 self-driving luggage

In addition, Airwheel SR3 intelligent auto-following suitcase features unique Omni front wheels and real wheel drive that allow for unprecedented multi-directional movement. This is crucial for autonomous technology. Since the suitcase functions as a robot in practice, it uses AI and machine learning to optimize its movements and omni wheels allow for markedly increased stability and range of motion that cannot be achieved otherwise. The auto-follow function lets you liberate two hands. Moreover, SR3 intelligent self-following suitcase will automatically alarm when over a certain distance that is pre-set by the mobile app. Featuring intelligent obstacle avoidance and mobile app, it allows you to do all the operation and monitor its real-time status.

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