TVC Mall Started Selling OEM Cell Phone Parts Online to Meet Growing Needs of Smartphone Users

TVC Mall, an online store that sells consumer electronics at affordable prices, recently started selling high-quality OEM cell phone parts to meet the growing needs of their existing and potential buyers.

TVC Mall, an online store that has already found a sizeable section of loyal customers by offering feature-rich cell phones at affordable prices, recently stepped up their game in the competitive online marketplace by including OEM cell phone parts to their list of products. The online store, which is more of a bargain bin than anything else for their most loyal customers, recently issued a press statement, highlighting that they have started selling OEM cell phone parts and aftermarket parts at marked-down prices since January 1st this year.

On behalf of TVC Mall, a marketing executive recently told the press that their aim is to be on a par with the top ecommerce marketplaces that offer both Smartphone products and OEM Apple parts and Samsung parts. He said that their market analysts have discovered that a large number of Smartphone users now take interest in refurbished phones and recycled cell phone parts. He also added that many of their users do not opt for replacing their phones, but they look out for replacement parts for the branded mobile phones.

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“Our key challenge this year is to offer high-quality OEM parts for all sorts of mobile phones. For example, the Samsung parts we now offer are manufactured by OEM manufacturers that specialize in manufacturing Samsung mobile phone parts only. Similarly, we source Apple parts, HTC parts and Sony parts from manufacturers that have considerable market reputation”, said a top marketing executive of TVC Mall during a press conference.

“The OEM replacement parts we offer are ideal for replacing worn-out Smartphone parts. Our quality analysis team checks each and every product before they are finally shipped to the buyers. We recruit professionals who have years of experience in assembling mobile phones in our quality team so that the compatibility of mobile phone parts with corresponding handsets can be thoroughly checked”, added the executive during the press conference. He also added that their buyers are always recommended to use professional installation and assembling services when they finally retrofit their mobile phones.

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