Jinyuan Mosaic Launch 2018 New Silver Glass Mosaic Tile Items

Jin Yuan launched two foil mosaic series this year ,one is silver mosaic tile that is a real silver mosaic tile can be used for bathroom,SPA wall and swimming pool decoration. This series silver glass mosaic tile is made by real silver foil. and another series is white gold mosaic tile that is made by 24K real gold foil .

Jinyuan Mosaic Launch 2018 New Silver Glass Mosaic Tile  Items

1. What is about silver glass mosaic tile?

In world market, most of the silver foil is made from aluminum foil. Aluminum foil with grey color but silver foil is white silver, two kinds of foil together is easy to be distinguished. And more importantly, aluminum is amphoteric metal, that is to say, aluminum can be reacted with acids, or alkali ,or oxygen in the air. So  aluminum foil, although the price is cheap, but easy to change color in the air.

And the decorative appearance  is far less than the silver effect. So, when you are purchase, you  must be look for the Jin Yuan mosaic  brand of silver mosaic only. Jin Yuan mosaic focus on silver foil glass mosaic wall tile over 20 years, jinyuan white gold foil mosaic has been passed SGS authorization approved, its specialty is alkali resistant, no oxygen, no fade and life span 100 years.

Jinyuan Mosaic Launch 2018 New Silver Glass Mosaic Tile  Items

2. Kinds of Silver Mosaic tile

Jinyuanmosaic silver glass mosaic tile had various kinds, there are surface white gold, sandwich white gold mosaic, bottom white gold mosaic. According to glass surface, there are flat silver mosaic and wavy silver mosaic. According to the shape, there are square silver mosaic, rectangular silver mosaic, hexagon silver mosaic and other irregular silver mosaic. According to classification, there are platinum gold mosaic, imitation silver mosaic and cold spray silver mosaic etc., all kinds of these silver mosaic tiles are very good building projects or home decoration materials.

Jinyuan Mosaic Launch 2018 New Silver Glass Mosaic Tile  Items

3. White gold glass mosaic:

White gold mosaic is not equal to silver foil mosaic, that is entirely fused 24k platinum foil and glass together through high temperature 800 degrees, gold mosaic with two layers of glass sandwiched. white 24k gold mosaic is also named platinum mosaic, a luxurious mosaic, it is divided into surface white gold mosaic and bottom white gold mosaic, flat white gold mosaic and wavy white gold mosaic.

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