Eco Molding Started Offering Original Factory Prices on Plastic Injection Molds

Eco Molding, a leading plastic injection molding service provider from China, recently started offering original factory prices on plastic injection molds.

In a bid to maintain cost transparency and to increase competitiveness in the global market, Eco Molding, a China-based plastic injection molding service provider, recently started offering original factory prices on all of their plastic injection molding products. Eco Molding, which has its factory spanning an area of 2000 square meters in Shenzhen, China, has now the daily output capacity of 40-50 plastic injection molds every month. The owners said at a recent press conference that their plastic injection molds are directly transported from their factory and are delivered directly to their clients in disparate industries such as automotive, home appliances, industrial OEM application manufacturing, and electronics manufacturing industries.

The concept of plastic injection molding is still not known to many. This is why the counterfeit plastic injection molding companies from China often quote unreasonably high prices for plastic injection molding services. We would like to let our investors and stakeholders know that use of latest technologies, strategic location and low transportation costs and a lean manufacturing model help us in keeping the manufacturing costs low”, said one sales and marketing executive while speaking on behalf of Eco Molding at a recent press conference.

“Our top management is closely involved in the manufacturing process and our goal is to keep the cost low while ensuring zero defects. We deploy the best technologies and mix a lot of innovation so that the molds are always accurate. We are now a trusted plastic injection molding partner for a number of small and medium-sized companies. We think that the factory-direct pricing policy which we have adopted now would help us in becoming one of the top global plastic injection molding service providers”, the executive maintained.

At present, the company imports its eco molding equipment from Taiwan and Switzerland. According to the executive, the company has now aimed at increasing their monthly and annual production capacity so as to meet the growing demands of their clients spread all across the world.

While speaking about Eco Molding, the CEO and managing director said, “We want to be in the top ten plastic injection molding companies worldwide in the next five years”.

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Eco Molding is a China based plastic injection molding service provider.

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