CES2018: Yongyida Robots Road To The Global Leading Health Care Sector

January 9th US time,Las Vegas Inaugurated The 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). As the world’s largest and the most popular consumer electronics exhibition, CES has attracted the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers and core IT  manufacturers.


During the exhibition,  Shenzhen Yiyongda company from China officially launched the new product Y128C worldwide. Following intelligence education, intelligent household products, Yiyongda Robot seized the chance, making their products official enter into global health care domain.

By the interview, the staff said: this kind of old-age “black tech” medical robot could occupy the medical health care market, which can measure various body’s biology data, and generate a health report. Through its internal AI analysis, it can provide users with chronic disease diagnosis and early warning of their health. In the mean time, the product also gathers the functions of intelligent monitoring, video chatting and other functions. These brand new intelligent robots aimed for alleviating the health problems of aged people.

Whatsmore, Yongyida also exhibited a series of intelligent education robots, and received a cooperation invitation from the US KADHO team. KADHO is a well-known company which focused on children’s English education. The founder are Dr. Kaveh Azartash and Dhonam Pemba with PH.D degrees at the university of California. The education products, Kadho English won the U.S. media’s trust with a first prize. Yongyida revealed, based on the overlap of two parties in children’s education, they will work together to develop children chinese-english bilingual education AI system, and apply them into a service robot.


December 2017, China’s official ministry released the three years action plan (2018-2020), to foster a new generation of artificial intelligence industry for clean, elderly care, rehabilitation, disabled assistant, children’s education and other intelligent home service robots, etc. 

Since the global aging accelerating, as the highest unit value medical robot, the demand for them are increasing. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 40 medical robot enterprises in China, with a financing quota of over 800 million RMB. Medical robots are expected to be worth $17 billion by 2025. This number, is a huge peice of “cake” worldwide. By then, smart robots, without a nurse’s cap, are walking into hospitals, clinics and community health centre. They are no longer far away from people. 

KADHO’s founder, Kaveh Azartash (Centre), takes a photo in front of the Yongyida.

Learning from the public information, Yongyida was founded in October 2013 which is the first Chinese high-tech enterprise engaged in service robots sector. Rely on its leading research level, and half-automated intelligent basement, Yongyida has successfully created a series of service robot products, covering intelligent education, smart home, medicare, business and commercial fields. They are not only selling well in China, also exported to overseas.

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