Start a Brand New Sober Life with South Bay Sober Living

Redondo Beach, CA Alcohol and drugs affect each and every individual directly and indirectly, but there is no age group of people more affected by these substances than young people. Using alcohol and drugs significantly impacts young people’s growth, development, and their overall health. That is why rehabilitation centers have been put in place to promote the recovery of those who have suffered an addiction. To further improve the results of the rehab and get the patients ready for the mainstream society, sober living homes like South Bay Sober Living exists. South Bay Sober Living’s primary goal is to help people who have just come out of rehab so that they have a place to support their recovery.

According to the website, “Our men’s house provides a positive environment for adult men to begin their journey to recovery. Our house promotes healthy living and positive lifestyles in a safe and goal-oriented environment. We are extremely close to various activities such as the beach and hiking trails, as well as plenty of meetings to provide a balance for your recovery. Our house is built around independent living, expecting the residents to have goal-oriented lifestyles, whether that means going back to school, continuing to work, beginning their careers or even furthering their treatment.”

Many addiction specialists agree that a structured sober living is necessary to increase the chances of young adults staying sober. Consistently abstaining from substance abuse can be difficult without a stable environment that follows the treatment. That is what South Bay Sober Living is here for. South Bay Sober Living is the best sober living for men in Redondo Beach CA because they provide a lot more than just a transitional living environment; they also teach independence and responsibility. They set goals for their residents and do a follow-up to check if they are making progress when it comes to attaining the goals set for them.

South Bay Sober Living does not only cater to young men and women, but they also welcome people of any age. They provide the facility, amenities, and services that will help create the kind of community and environment that will establish long-term recovery for men and women who need help. They want to extend their help to those recovering so that they can start a brand new sober life.

South Bay Living can be contacted through their website at, by calling the number 310-340-1936, or via email at

They are located at 1525 Aviation Blvd. Suite 121 Redondo Beach, CA 90278.

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Company Name: South Bay Sober Living
Contact Person: Brett LaShure
Phone: 310-340-1936
Address:1525 Aviation Blvd. Suite 121
City: Redondo Beach
State: California
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