Power and Pressure Washing Restorative Services in Toronto

Canadian Restorations GTA are the trusted Toronto underground garage and property maintenance cleaning experts.  With a consistent, affordable, building maintenance and restorative service, Canadian Restorations GTA has earned the reputation for repeat business from hundreds of clients.

Canadian Restorations GTA has power washing techniques which uses a combination of hot and cold water for the best cleaning results in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Canadian Restorations GTA uses a combination of both power and pressure washing techniques; many use the terms interchangeably. However, there is a difference and that is temperature.  Power washing uses not only a powerful stream of water, but the water is also much hotter than with pressure washing.  Additional cleansers are not always needed when doing either pressure or power washing when removing dirt, grime or other debris from hard surfaces.

Canadian Restorations GTA uses power washing on smaller areas such as sidewalks, decks, and driveways, areas that do not require a deep cleaning; pressure washing is needed for larger areas such as walls and fences, when a deep cleaning service is required.

Canadian Restorations GTA can clean your underground garage structure easily with mobile jet wash services.  These services offer and environmentally sound way to clean away the dirt and grime that accumulates in your underground garage area over time with continued use.  Along with the mobile jet wash cleaning services Canadian Restorations GTA will also include: catch basin cleaning; repainting of parking space lines; repainting any other necessary signs or traffic flow arrows; as well as the removal of any graffiti that may be in your underground garage.

Canadian Restorations GTA realizes there are many benefits to having a well cared for and clean underground garage structure.  For obvious reasons, a clean parking structure provides a good first impression when customers arrive at your facility to park; the other not so obvious reasons are that when an underground garage is left unattended and not cared for it can be breeding grounds for vandals and graffiti artists.  For this reason, it is beneficial to you and your customers to have Canadian Restorations keep your underground garage parking structure clean, bright and well-taken care of.

Canadian Restorations GTA also provides build maintenance services.  Cleaning services such as driveways, sidewalks, and parking structures, these areas are often neglected because the areas are simply too large to pay someone to clean them.  However, Canadian Restorations GTA can clean these areas with power washing techniques to clean away difficult areas that have accumulated dirt and grime.  Canadian Restorations GTA will ensure your customers first impression of your business is a good one from the moment they pull up to the curb and park.

About Canadian Restorations GTA:

Canadian Restorations GTA has created an underground garage and property maintenance business on the basis of a commitment to provide customers with excellence, integrity and reliability.  The company was built off a single idea and continues to provide consistent, seamless work to the customers that rely on that service.

Canadian Restorations GTA provides a 24/7 cleaning service to the Toronto area; call today to see how the licensed contractors and trained personnel can provide your business with a cleaner outlook on how business is done. 

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